Photos & Words: Michael Phillips   Stancenation is one of the most infamous names in modern car culture. Since 2010, the collective has celebrated some of the most audacious rides on the planet. Citizens of Stancenation are united by their love for an aggressive wheel, tire, and suspension setup. Despite the constantly changing trends, there has been a signular formula to the Stancenation recipe: Form > Function. The worldwide Stancenation shows have become the stuff of legends. Despite their open-ended appreciation of all genres, the show typically draws consistent styles. The vast majority of the participating builds hail from the Land of the Rising Sun. The heavy JDM influence is peppered with modern muscle, euro, exotics, and classics. From each genre, multiple sub-styles are present. Track-inspired, resto-mod, and VIP builds line the show rows. A very important and consistent quality of cleanliness is always present at Stancenation events. This year’s…Continue Reading
Picture this: You are sixteen again, sitting in your last class of the day, praying the bell rings a few minutes early. Within weeks you will be a licensed driver, capable of hopping in your own ride and driving to anywhere the road may take you. But for now, you are stuck on the sidewalk with countless classmates waiting on you mom and her minivan. Now, replace that last bit with your dad in his daily driven Porsche 930 Turbo. Still seem like another boring way to end your day? Didn’t think so. This exciting occurrence was an everyday routine for Abraham Cruz back in 2008. Words: Michael Phillips | Photos: Nico Jarrett The Cali native has spent the better part of his life around custom cars, particularly that of the European persuasion. His father’s influence played a key role in inspiring Abe. When his interests turned to action, Abe…Continue Reading
It’s fair to say that Mini Truckin’ is now truly embedded in the Australian custom car culture. Celebrating 15 years, East Coast Cruise and its sponsors have been a substantial influence in supporting this subculture from the early days. After hosting at different motels for the first three years, then Merimbula in 2005 ECC landed in Batemans Bay, NSW and settled in for the following 9 years. Although this was a great location for the event problems arising from the lack of support from local authorities eventually forced ECC organizers to look towards greener pastures. Luckily they found The Station Resort, on the outskirts of the lakeside town of Jindabyne, in the Snowy Mountains. ECC had a trial run at The Station in 2015 and was invited back for a second year. This is a big deal for ECC as it’s the ultimate venue for us minitruckers and the show,…Continue Reading
Patience! A word that many fight with throughout their lives but for Neil Huffine it is a way of life. Most of us know what we want but in many cases we will settle for something that will work, but this was not the case for Neil Huffine. His hunt for the perfect 1965 Cadillac Coupe De Ville stretched for more than 13 years. That 13 year search landed not only the ideal Coupe De Ville that he had been looking for, but this perfect speciman turns out was originally purchased way back in 1965 from a small 2 light town in Tennessee where Neil’s family is from. Coincidence? Maybe. Or some might say it was fate. Words: Topher Fierek | Photos: Anthony Ross Tyler What makes a man spend 13 years hunting for the right Caddy to build? After starting off in the custom lifestyle at the impressionable age…Continue Reading
Accents [noun ak-sent; verb ak-sent, ak-sent] the unique speech patterns, inflections, choice of words, etc., that identify a particular individual. The distinctive style or tone characteristic of an author, composer, etc. One of the English language’s most unique characteristics is that it takes on such drastic differences in the way it’s spoken around the globe. Unmistakable from the rest of English speakers are the Aussies. Their unique culture and spirit are pronounced in their prominent cadence. Yet language is not all that the people of Australia apply their characterizing style too. For decades the custom car and truck scene Down Under has offered a bold and brash parallel to that in the states. Australian manufacturers have continued to produce iconic V8 monsters like the Holden Commodore, Ute, and Ford Falcon years after other countries have turned more economical. Words: Michael Phillips | Photos: Avit “Toasty” Chauhan & Mike Alexander This…Continue Reading
Words: Michael Phillips | Photos & Video: Sean French & Mike Alexander For the 20th Anniversary installment of the beloved Forbidden Fantasy show we knew it would be something extra special. Bringing back that old school river run vibe, mixed with our favorite Slam’d Mag motto “Quality Over Quantity” this show has recaptured that West Coast vibe and restored our faith in mixing old school and new school for a modern take on throwing a show–getaway. For the inhabitants of the custom Slam’d scene, this means lower, badder, radder builds as the years go on and it’s only right to showcase these builds in a setting fitting for the dedication taken to see the finish line of these masterpieces. For thousands of enthusiasts all across the globe, the annual Forbidden Fantasy Show N’ Shine held at the Avi Casino in Laughlin is now that perfect opportunity to enjoy the top…Continue Reading
Membrane by Restomod Air is the only true thermal insulator, sound dampening combination material. The need for a such a combination has become increasingly desperate amongst custom builders. While some solutions have offered either sound deadening, or some level of insulation, no product until now has combined them for an evening dampening and insulation that is impervious to outside element.s Full coverage insulation and dampening are the focus of Membrane. As opposed to flimsy and frustrating add-on “liners”, Membrane is a true fortification between your vehicle’s cabin and the outside world. Membrane’s four-layer material is like nothing else found on the market. Layer one is .05mm thick foil for durability, layer two is a 3mm thick closed cell insulation foam rubber for thermal protection, layer three is another .05mm thick foil layer for structural integrity, and layer four is a 2mm thick butyl layer for sound dampening. The 2 in…Continue Reading
It’s been proven time and time again that the age-old adage “Everything’s bigger in Texas” holds true. Known for its rowdy presence, the Lone Star State is the home of true Americana soul. Equal to the bold and brashness, however, is a quiet love for the little things and the simple life. These two characteristics meet perfectly at the now world famous Lone Star Throwdown. This truck show is truly heaven on earth for those who miss the old days of the truck scene and who still prioritize a laid back approach to enjoying their projects in huge group settings. Lovers of all things low as well as Lift’d trucks travel from states near and far to converge upon Conroe, Texas. Many show-goers make it from the very edges of the US of A and further. In fact, the longest travel award for 2017 was given to Mary Davis, who traveled more than…Continue Reading
Max Edwards has built a rather unique little Beetle, taking inspiration from the land of motorsport, while somehow keeping it true to its classic Volkswagen Beetle heritage. Indeed, these are two very different styles, but they compliment each other oh so well when properly executed such as this genuine example. The idea first came to Max in February of 2011, and it had him searching high and low for an early-model Beetle. Eventually, Max stumbled upon an all original 1978 model that was in need of some TLC. After enjoying the car in its stock form for several years, Max knew it was time for his Beetle to reach its final form; a form that would include a complete body-off restoration. Words: Slam’d Mag Staff | Photos: Matt Clifford The suspension and chassis were the first element to be overhauled, adding a 2-inch narrow beam to get that perfect Beetle tuck. To…Continue Reading
The fine line between classic and custom is one that every enthusiast learns to toe. Some take a dogmatic stance on the side of classic, favoring all-original restorations. Their counterparts prefer to keep the soul of the classic alive, but replace and rebuild as much as possible of what physically remains. To be sure, there are stunning examples of both build philosophies, but a well executed resto-mod build is a sure-fire recipe for a beautiful result. This was the path that Lee Coleman chose when he planned to customize his 1953 Cadillac Coupe. The ’53 Coupe was a longtime favorite of Lee, who began his relationship with customs in the early ’70s. The PHX resident has previously applied his style to a ’58 Galaxy, ’55 Pontiac, and multiple classic Chevy trucks. For this project, he decided to borrow from the best of modern engineering to power his 1953 dream car.…Continue Reading
Our 1962 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Series is a special car. Being a factory Limo, it’s a little different than most other cars on the road and even most old Cadillacs. They only made roughly 900 of them back in 1962, so they are pretty scarce today. We first saw this specimen while doing our weekly Craigslist browsing a few years back and picked it up to build something big, badass and out of the ordinary with style for miles. While thoroughly loved, the car was put on the back burner for some other projects we had going on at the time. The Limo did run and drive but it was in a sad state being 100% original. We first started by ditching the factory 390 and trans in favor of a modern LQ4 and 4L80e transmission. A set of Dakota Digital gauges updated the vitals for us. The engine purred…Continue Reading
Countless enthusiasts struggle to balance their passion for customs with the obligations of normal life. Projects can be costly, time-consuming, stressful and sometimes a giant pain in the @ss. However, many are able to strike harmony in this tension, integrating their love for customs with home-life and sharing their passion with their loved ones. Very few, however, have found the remarkable rhythm that Rick and Tempie Abate have found in their mutual love for customs. The dynamic husband and wife duo have spent the last fifteen years of their life in Orange, California building classic after classic – together. Their general arrangement has left the exterior and mechanics to Rick and placed the color scheme and interior in Tempie’s capable hands. With a history that includes multiple Impalas, classic Fords, two corvettes, and 12 Cadillacs, the Abates’ system seems to be working out quite well. For their most recent endeavor together,…Continue Reading