Game changer, epic, next level, show stopper – all fairly cliché words these that are carelessly thrown around these days but aren’t uttered too often around the Slam’d Staff editorial meetings. Our job AND our passion is diligently scouring the globe for the finest customs built around the globe, no matter the genre, so we definitely don’t use these words lightly. But for Michael “Bobbin” Ellard’s 1992 Holden Rodeo (similar to Isuzu Pup for those of you in the states) all of these adjectives combined still can’t accurately describe the quality and detail that went into this labor of love. When it comes to truly notable builds, this Australian-built Rodeo dubbed “Severed Ruby,” is easily in the top five minitruck builds of all time. Follow along as we provide you exclusive insight into one of the baddest minitrucks ever built with our largest Slam’d feature to date – including build photos and a video feature! The…Continue Reading
Here at Slam’d Mag we’re obviously all about that low-slung look and ground hugging appearance as our namesake gloriously states. However, being “slammed” isn’t always about laying frame or body and being lower than everyone else on the block just for looks (although that’s precisely the reason that we got into lowered cars in the first place). We wanted to dive a bit deeper into other forms of low and the actual “functional” side of being low to help broaden our horizons a bit and take a closer look at some of the up and coming new technologies. So who better to turn to then the leading air suspension company and authority of LOW – Air Lift Performance. Air Lift has been involved in suspension engineering and in particular, air suspension design and manufacturing for the better part of almost seven decades. Established in 1949, Air Lift Company has been a…Continue Reading
“That’s what dreams are made of” is a quote that we’ve all heard a gazillion times by now, and “Dream” by Van Halen is a song that you’ve probably heard more times then you care to admit. But this testament still solidly applies to Ryan Golden-Marsh’s 2013 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L build, also known as Sadistic Dreams. Anyone that knows or has been around Bobby Martins of Sadistic Iron Werks knows damn well that this business owner does not play when it comes to putting out some of the most wicked creations seen on any continent. And when it came time to build his Honda. Ryan knew that when it came time to get serious that this top shop would be the one to make his laid-out dream come true. Photos: Mike Alexander | Words: Jason “Ol’ Dirty” Ballard Having been around his fair share of bad ass custom vehicles,…Continue Reading
The 1963 and 1/2 Ford Galaxie may be one of the most well-known racing icons in history, having taken Ford’s NASCAR racing program to new levels with the introduction of the Sport Hardtop on the mid-year model, but no matter if you’re a racing junky or just a fan of classic American steel, there’s no denying the timeless looks and appeal of the famed fastback model. Now-a-days, there are quite a few 1963.5 Galaxies in the show circuit but nothing quite compares to those fully rebuilt and sporting the Slam’d stance that we all know and love. This Galaxie, owned by Mark Stuchel of Earlham, Iowa is the perfect example! Photos & Words: Lindsey Fisher We first came across Mark’s Galaxie at the 2015 Goodguys Heartland Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa when we were out there covering the event. Finished just a matter of days before the July 4th weekend…Continue Reading
No project is ever truly done, no matter how much we’d like them to be. There are always modifications here and tweaks to be done there, and for most custom vehicle builders, they’ll build until they think they’re done, and then build some more. Darren Wilson of Lancefield, Victoria Australia knows this concept all too well. While his 1948 Dodge Fargo pickup truck may seem mostly finished, it took quite some time and dedication to get it to this point, and rumor has it, it’s not quite done but it’s close to the vision that Darren set out to create. Photos: Mark “BAS1C” Smyth | Words: Lindsey Fisher For those of you unfamiliar with the Fargo namesake, what you need to know is that it originated as an American motor company by the name of the Fargo Motor Car Company in the early 1900s. They were a truck company and…Continue Reading
What better way to kick off our first full “International Issue” than an exclusive Shop Tour from halfway around the world? We got to visit with our buddies from the Netherlands to get an inside look at the custom euro scene with one of the few shops performing air suspension installs in the country – Street Customs. If you’re familiar with the region than you know that the west coast of Europe is a pretty amazing place to visit as you can pretty much tour at least three different countries in a matter of a few hours by car or train. Although Europe is HUGE, the custom car scene itself is still quite small and self contained to a few small regions. But in the video above you can tell that the crew at Street Customs definitely shares their passion for lowered cars with anyone in earshot and beyond that will…Continue Reading
The term “Caddy” resonates with a variety of automotive enthusiasts, but in various ways. For those of us here in “The States” we typically think of “Caddys” as a nice big-body Cadillac, while some of our European readers may associate the term with a tiny little Volkswagen pickup truck rather than the american classic. Either way, we sure love our Caddys here at Slam’d and this 1981 Volkswagen Caddy featured in this special International Issue is proof that in any form, unique slammed Caddys will forever have a place in our hearts as well as a place here in Slam’d Mag! Photos: The DUB Dynasty | Words: Lindsey Fisher For Curtis Rider of Alberta, Canada his fascination with the automotive world started in his early teens. By the age of 14, Curtis’s Dad had taught him how to weld and anything with wheels soon became fair game to modify, with his…Continue Reading
Brent Hoitink from Manitoba, Canada knows just how to build a proper custom. When asked how long it took him to complete this radical Plymouth his answer was “off and on… a year.” Fifteen years ago Brent caved to the custom itch, which he couldn’t quite seem to scratch fast enough. His latest build, this 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook is laid out and looking like a sweet treat that Milton S. Hershey devised in his lab. Brent, no stranger to custom vehicles through the years, has built several “patina” rides, but for this one it was time to go all out. He chose to show the world that he wasn’t just a one trick pony. Continue along as we tell you a story that would even give Willy Wonka a run for his “chocolate” money. Wanting to build something different, Brent jumped right into this project that had passed its way…Continue Reading
There’s no denying that Roger Burman is a legend in the automotive performance industry. If you’re a motorsports kind of guy then you probably know Burman from his amazing autocross builds, like the 1967 Camaro dubbed “Scar,” and the more recent 1970 “Crusher” Camaro. Burman even thrashes his own car, a hardy Chevy-powered 1963 Dart, in the Pro Class at just about every autocross event this country has to offer. But even aside from the autocross circuit, Burman is known for his impeccable creations, which he expertly crafts at Lakeside Rods and Rides in Rockwell City, Iowa. Though Burman can be a reserved kind of guy if you don’t know him, his creations certainly speak for themselves – case in point this recently completed 1962 Dodge Sweptline Crew Cab owned by Tim Molzen. Photos & Words: Lindsey Fisher Falling in love with a plethora of rides is easy at any…Continue Reading
Across America in dusty garages and overgrown fields are plenty of long lost builds that were forgotten and left behind. Projects that had grand aspirations but were at some point lost due to budgets, time restraints, life circumstances, deals gone bad, or just simply a loss of motivation. They become relics and carcasses of dreams gone by but sometimes the fortunate few get a second chance at life, instead of slowly disintegrating into their graves. The 1953 Cadillac Coupe Deville that is laid out across your screen was one of those fortunate ones after Leonard Erdman rescued it to breathe new life into a once forgotten build. Photos: Joshua “Lunchbox” Coleman | Words: Josh Wilson Leonard came to own this orphan by way of a good friend of his who had started the build on the ’53 Coupe but lost interest in completing the build himself. After two years of…Continue Reading
It’s been in the works for quite awhile, but we are excited to finally announce that Rev’d Media Group – the publishing company for Slam’d Magazine and Lift’d Trucks Magazine – is expanding with an amazing partnership with established pro-touring publication Lateral-G and a new addition to the line-up for SEMA, the Late Model Garage! High-quality coverage of the automotive industry is what we pride ourselves on here at Rev’d Media, and we can’t wait to incorporate even more genres in our already diverse group of publications. For more information, be sure to check out the official Rev’d Media Press Release below: Rev’d Media Group, LLC Announces New Partnership! Rev’d Media Group, a high-quality digital automotive publisher, is a market leader in producing the best in digital automotive magazines. Rev’d Media currently publishes two magazines covering both the lowered and lifted custom automotive genres. Slam’d Mag ( features “all things low” – from hot rods, customs, trucks, euros,…Continue Reading
For more than five decades, Air Lift Performance has brought the best of the best in air suspension and management systems to the automotive markets. Whether you’re a Slam’d fan or like your rides a bit more Lift’d, Air Lift Performance continues to design and manufacture some of the best air management products on the market today. New Product: Air Lift Performance Brand New All-In-One 3H Height + Pressure Management System Getting the perfect ride height and pressure on the fly is certainly tricky business for Slam’d vehicle owners. From show cars to performance machines, nothing helps achieve that perfect stance, quite like the having the proper air management system. Air Lift Performance builds industry-leading air management systems and knows the ups and downs of air suspension, so with their new system they wanted to really bring some game-changing technology. The new 3H Height + Pressure System gives you the ultimate control of…Continue Reading