If I was Quentin Tarantino and writing this column as a script, our story would open up in the midst of a bloody warehouse massacre. Most of the characters that we aren’t even aware we like yet would be writhing in death throes, spitting up mouthfuls of blood that run down their cheeks to form a wet, red pillow that they take their eternal sleep on. As the camera moves between each of the dying characters we are finally introduced to our natural born killers; they are huge, mutated beasts with multiple heads, no discernible clear vision or creativity and driven solely by profit. These wretched things I speak of are – The Corporate Publishers.

We found out who most of the victims were earlier this year – the magazines that we grew up reading in the bathroom, in the garage or on our buddy’s couch – pointing out everything that we could relate or aspire to. They represented a dream for some and a scrapbook of memories with friends to others, but regardless of which side of the spectrum you fell on they focused on the very best things in life. Unfortunately in one fell swoop they were Tarantino’d and slaughtered.

HomeRotator-BuickThe ironic thing is every single Editor I know uses the internet to gather story info and keep up to date with project builds, so why has there been this giant disconnect between publishers and the internet which has resulted in so many of our beloved print mags to be killed? Because, simply put; accountants don’t understand automotive passion.

Good news! Our automotive passion doesn’t understand stupid accountants.

When I first met Mike Alexander I saw that automotive passion and spark in him right from the beginning (almost 13 years ago now, man we’re getting old). Every vehicle we talked about building had some serious next level thinking behind it, and some he even brought to life. In between writing stories for “The Corporate Publishers” we were out living an automotive lifestyle and breathing in a culture that the accountants couldn’t even comprehend. “Want to travel across country for a show this weekend?” “Absolutely, who’s driving this time?” That passion is hard to comprehend when all you understand is a bottom line, acquisitions, and defaulted bank loans.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.25.33 PM

So here we are, the inaugural issue of Slam’d Mag – a place for everyone who understands what custom really means and needs that comfortable place to hangout while you’re doing work on a toilet, waiting for your turn in the garage, or just chilling on your buddy’s couch showing him the inspirational features we’ve brought you. I salute you, friend. Thanks for supporting us and welcome to your new all-things-custom magazine. 

-Johnny O