One of the biggest and best shows in the Midwest is back. Slamboree has quickly regained its reputation of being the can’t miss car, truck and bike show in Oklahoma. The Big Show is being is now held in the small town of Shawnee, OK (about 40 minutes west of Oklahoma City) at the Grand Hotel Resort & Casino. Slamboree drew in crowds from across the country, including custom cars, trucks, bikes, and even some really nice hot rods. The hot summer sun was out and in full effect that weekend, fortunately the show goers could pop into the casino to cool off by gambling and enjoying some free ice cream. And who doesn’t like free ice cream?! This show is a perfect opportunity to get your custom car and gambling addiction fix all in one weekend. If you aren’t into the Casino crowd, Oklahoma City isn’t too far away to spend sometime being a “tourist” and checking out the town’s historical landmarks. And if that wasn’t enough, we will rest our case with the fact that the show has the word “Slam” in it, which is enough for us!

IMG_5548IMG_5652 Photos: Sean “SoLo” French | Words: Kristi “SoLo” French

Slamboree is also put on for a great cause and all proceeds of the show go to the amazing charity Toys for Tots. The show promoters even discount the registration fee and spectator fees if you come bearing an unwrapped toy. It’s a wonderful feeling to have this much fun at a show and know that it’s going to help kids in need! Jimmie and Heather Broyles do a great job of putting this event together to help the less fortunate by giving back to the community. It seems like everyone who showed up also gave a little bit of themselves to help make the event that much better.


Jimmie has been devoted to the custom scene since the ’90s and the events that he puts on certainly show that dedication and history. Slamboree had custom custom billet trophies built for the winners that were some of the best we’ve seen; the noteworthy Best of Show was a full custom billet wheel. Many of you might remember these from when the show first started back in 1993, and they are back in full force! Make sure to put this show on your calendars for next year. Now that it’s back and in full swing who knows what could happen here in good ole’ Okie-homa.


Check Out The Full Slam’d Gallery HERE: