Sean Generotzky is what some might call a new-school/old-school guy in the custom truck world. He’s been around for quite awhile but has been behind the scenes slowly planing and building his version of the perfect mini. His journey into the automotive realm began back in 2000 when he first took on a job at a local fab shop. After a couple years of learning and honing his skills Sean went on to work with Bobby Martins at Sadistic Iron Werks to take things to the next level. Around mid 2003 Bobby and Sean ‘bagged this 1989 Mazada B2200 you see here, for a customer at the time. However, like so many other projects, the build simply fell through the cracks and was all but forgotten sitting in the original owner’s garage. That is until 2010 when Sean and the previous owner struck a deal for Sean to purchase the Mazda and finish it off right. Sean quickly scribbled out a check and his plans were already well on the way to building one of the cleanest minis around.

SeanMaz-17SeanMaz-10SeanMaz-12Photos: Mike Alexander | Words: Jason Ballard

About the same time that Sean took ownership of the Mazda he had just got engaged and a wedding was in the planning stages. Luckily for Sean, he scored himself an awesome and very understanding fiancé who supported him through the build and was a driving force in pushing him to complete his dream truck. Since the truck had been built nearly 10 years prior, Sean decided to start with the suspension and chassis and bring it up to today’s standards. Bobby and Sean back-halved the pickup with mandrel-bent framerails and Bobby built a custom Sadistic ‘bag on bar link setup. Up front, they built a custom set of upper and lower control arms incorporating a set of Michigan Metal Works jeebus joints. To keep the Mazda cruising low and comfortable since Sean planned on driving this bad boy as much as possible, they added custom tuned Bilstein shocks on all four corners.

When it came time for the mods, simple and clean was the key to Sean’s vision. The open bed concept out back draws focus to the Sadistic Iron Werks tube and chassis work, which needed a slight pedestal grinder session, surrounded by the ultra-clean sheetmetal bed, which compliments the timeless look of this mini. The painstaking process to bead roll the inner bedsides to match the Mazda body line paid dividends as another subtle mod that most won’t even notice. Up front, they dimple died the inner fenders that were custom built and bead rolled and the 2 wheel-drive front sheetmetal was left, which adds to the classic look. The entire truck was shaved clean including: door handles, drip rails, bed, tailgate, fuel door and pillars. The suicide doors were added to round out the plethora of custom mods to make this Mazda one tough mini to compete against, yet everything was done with the perfect amount of subtly. Lastly, a modified Grant Kustoms Toyota front bumper and valance were bolted up for the icing on the cake to round out the body modifications. AK Airbrushing was called in to lay down the flawless paint, graphics and clear coat exemplifying the clean, yet custom lines of this build. PPG paint products were selected as the weapon of choice and include a black upper two-tone, gun metal grey marbleized graphic, and tri-coat metallic red custom mixed paint.


The cabin of “Don’t Cry” is nothing less than spectacular. The regular cab Mazda captures the minitruck vibe with slight mods that almost bring you back to the ’90s when booming car audio and minitrucks ruled the show fields. The stock seats were customized with extra padding to give the look and feel of a performance set of bucket seats. The dash was wrapped with tan leather and suede accents and the AC Upholstery team (James and Adam) built a custom fiberglass center console, which ties in very nicely to the inside of this Mazda housing the air, window, and stereo controls. Since no real deal minitruck would be complete without a killer stereo, Sean scored an old-school Polk Momo setup and Adam and James went to town building the perfect enclosure to tuck behind the bucket seats. Polk Audio 6.5s were added in the kicks, and the custom box houses two 10-inch subs woofers and two 500 watt 2-channel apps along with a 600 watt 4-channel rounding out the system. Old-school meets new-school in perfect harmony.


Looking back on this 5-year build and seeing it come together, we’re proud to say that Sean and friends knocked it out of the park! When asked if he would change anything Sean did mention something about adding more cylinders under the hood for a bit more power. Like any truck built by a minitrucker, the ride is simply “never done” as there’s always something else on the books that could be done. We are sure that Sean and Bobby have some more tricks up their sleeves but only time will tell. Sean wanted to be sure to thank Bobby Martins at Sadistic Iron Werks for all of his help and support in this build and also wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to his wife Monica for always being by his side and encouraging him to finish this truck, along with Mike Alexander, Severed Ties, Kinetik Power, and everyone who lent a hand along the way. Don’t cry, if you work hard and stick to it Sean proves that anyone can build the ride of their dreams!


Slam’d Specs

Owner: Sean Generotzky
Vehicle: 1989 Mazda B2000
Hometown: Lakeside, CA
Club: Severed Ties Petitioner

Wheels: 18-inch Boyd Coddington Turbines
Tires: 245/45/18s

Chassis Modifications:
SeanMaz-20Sadistic Iron Werks custom upper and lower control arms with the Michigan Metal Works jeebus joints
3/16-inch framerails (back-halved)
Traditional channel body-drop to the pinch
Custom-built Sadistic ‘bag on bar four-link
Bilstein shocks at all four corners
Dual 440 Viair compressors
AccuAir e-Level management
Performed by: Sadistic Iron Werks

Shaved: Door handles, drip rails, bed, tailgate, fuel door, pillars
Custom sheet metal bed with bead-rolled body line
Sadistic single-hinge suicide doors
Grant Kustoms Toyota bumper and valance
Performed by: Sadistic Iron Werks and Owner
PPG black top, gun metal grey (marbleized) graphic and tri-coat (3 stage) metallic red custom mixed
Performed by: AK Airbrushing

SeanMaz-09Stock Mazda buckets with custom padding
Factory dash shaved and wrapped with tan leather and suede accents
Custom fiberglass center console, power window modules from Australia
Hideaway head unit in glove box
Polk Audio Momo series 6.5-inch components
Two 10-inch Polk subs in custom enclosure behind the seats
Two 500 watt 2-channel Polk amps and one 600 watt 4-channel
Performed By: James and Adam at AC Upholstery

Stock Mazda 2.2L
Dropped motor mounts to clear the stock motor with factory hood
Custom aluminum radior and shroud
Powercoated and painted details
Custom inner fender wells and tubs
Full two tone paint
Detailed with some hidden wiring and vacuum lines

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