For more than five decades, Air Lift Performance has brought the best of the best in air suspension and management systems to the automotive markets. Whether you’re a Slam’d fan or like your rides a bit more Lift’d, Air Lift Performance continues to design and manufacture some of the best air management products on the market today.

New Product:
 Air Lift Performance Brand New All-In-One 3H Height + Pressure Management System

Getting the perfect ride height and pressure on the fly is certainly tricky business for Slam’d vehicle owners. From show cars to performance machines, nothing helps achieve that perfect stance, quite like the having the proper air management system.

air_lift_3h_kitAir Lift Performance builds industry-leading air management systems and knows the ups and downs of air suspension, so with their new system they wanted to really bring some game-changing technology. The new 3H Height + Pressure System gives you the ultimate control of your ride’s height and comfort. With both height and pressure adjustments, you can set your vehicle up for the best driving performance at the touch of a button.

The new 3H will offer a high-tech controller interface with color screen and black anodized aluminum casing for high-quality look and feel and will also include a complimentary app for your mobile device to adjust your system outside the vehicle. The system’s fully integrated manifold takes up less space than other units and is completely Bluetooth enabled, making adjustments on the fly that much easier. Plus, with push updates in the future, you’ll never have outdated “software” or have to ship your systems back and fourth for programming or updates.

Available this October, the 3H Height + Pressure system will take your Slam’d ride to a whole new level. On a tight budget? No problem! Just start with the pressure aspect of the system and add height adjustment later, giving your ride the ultimate in manageability, even on a budget.

• 3H Controller with full color digital screen and black anodized aluminum casing (rotatable to mount in either vertical or horizontal configurations)
• Fully integrated manifold takes up less space and has Bluetooth for built-in mobile support (no need to purchase additional hardware)
• Complimentary app allows you to use your mobile device to communicate directly with the Bluetooth-enabled system
• Five custom presets allow you to select ride height at the touch of a button
• Rise on Start feature allows you to go from slammed to ride height with the turn of your key
• Less drilling, less wiring, and a compact size allows for an easy and clean install

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