SLAMD-PTgallery1-09Photos & Words: Michael Phillips

The 2016 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour is an eclectic and eccentric car show on wheels. The tour, making its way from Baton Rouge, LA to Kansas City, KS makes several stops and take several scenic routes. Accompanying the tour and provided thousands of attendees as each stop’s show are innumerable hot rods and muscle cars. The mix is wildly drastic, however today, at he Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, TX, was an overwhelming force of hard core ratty creations.

The shear number of rusted out, chopped up, and slam’d down rat rods was enough to turn any eye. Combined with the ominous presences of deep purple thunderheads, bright silver lightning, and eventually treacherous rains, combined with the rat-rodders vehicles to form a perfect storm of pavement piracy and accompanying antics. Honestly, had there bin a bit more sand, and a bit less green, someone could have probably convinced me that were we in a gathering of a Mad Max reenactment. But enough introduction, enjoy the many examples of what a welder and bottle of Jack Daniels can accomplish when their unrelenting powers are combines.


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