[noun ak-sent; verb ak-sent, ak-sent]

  1. the unique speech patterns, inflections, choice of words, etc., that identify a particular individual.
  2. The distinctive style or tone characteristic of an author, composer, etc.

One of the English language’s most unique characteristics is that it takes on such drastic differences in the way it’s spoken around the globe. Unmistakable from the rest of English speakers are the Aussies. Their unique culture and spirit are pronounced in their prominent cadence. Yet language is not all that the people of Australia apply their characterizing style too. For decades the custom car and truck scene Down Under has offered a bold and brash parallel to that in the states. Australian manufacturers have continued to produce iconic V8 monsters like the Holden Commodore, Ute, and Ford Falcon years after other countries have turned more economical.

Words: Michael Phillips | Photos: Avit “Toasty” Chauhan & Mike Alexander

This special appreciation for customs extends across many genres, but none is as pronounced as the beloved minitruck. The custom truck scene is alive and well Down Under, producing some of the world’s most elaborate builds. Many international clubs are represented, including Severed Ties, Negative Camber, Aftermath, Freaks, Sunset, No Regrets, and more. The Aussie Severed crew having been around for more than a decade constantly seeks to elevate the quality of craftsmanship and showmanship abroad. They carry out these efforts in their builds and have started throwing another gathering known as “Severed Slam” to help the community continue to grow and have a place to share these common interests.

Seasoned veterans, petitioning hopefuls, and other members of the mini community traveled from all over the country to take part in the epic event. Many fans, family, and friends also ventured over oceans to be a part of the show. On display were hundreds of classic style minitrucks, hot rods, and customs all representing a deep passion for the scene. Additionally, a tasteful number of muscle cars, classics, and other genre representation made their appearance known.

Held at John Wright Park in New South Whales, Severed Slam marked the tenth anniversary of celebration of Severed Ties Australia. In addition to the historic iteration, the international club’s 25th anniversary hits this year (1992-2017). The 25 years of special community shared by its members has led to chapters world wide with more than 325 members. The effects of this support and influence continue to build up the community, to pass it on to the next generation, and to propagate its positive automotive influence on generations yet to come.

As always, #TeamSlamd is deeply grateful for its standing invite to participate at Severed Slam and is full of anticipation for what this year brings!

Severed Slam Winners

Lowest Club: Local Disturbance Minitrucks & Customs

Severed Ties US Top Pick: Aaron Gregory, 1951 Chevy Pickup

Farthest Traveled: Clint Forrest, 13 hours in his RA Rodeo

Slam’d Mag Pick: Troy Durous, Toyota Tacoma

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