For long time scene-members and builders, one constant challenge of this lifestyle can be the lack of a functioning daily-driver. Builds take time, money, and passion yet getting to work on Monday often requires its own set of wheels. The chance to daily something equal parts badass and comfortable is one that most enthusiasts would leap at. This was the primary motivation for Tammy and JD Zajicek. The Calgary natives took advantage of the opportunity while they both continued their long-term builds. While Tammy’s 1990 body-dropped blazer was in process, JD had a chance to be featured with his ’79 Chevy Luv. Putting the Blazer on temporary hold meant Tammy was in need of a new daily driver.

And it’s about damn time that she had something cool to drive again!

JD has just two weeks to plan and execute Tammy’s daily build. They purchased the 2012 Cadillac CTS and consulted Sam at Epic Rods and Customs for the necessary parts. With the parts on order, JD organized for the attack. Tammy and JD were both ecstatic about the simple yet handsome build to enjoy on a constant basis. According to JD, it was, “About damn time that she had something cool to drive again!”

Words: Michael Phillips | Photos: Mike McConnell

The second generation CTS platform does garner a fair bit of aftermarket support. But for life-long minitruckers like JD and Tammy, off-the-shelf components don’t always cut it. In order to maximize the suspension travel for their Caddy, JD put together his own bundle of parts. The front suspension uses “U-built-it” universal air struts from Air Lift Performance. The struts allowed JD to fine-tune their positioning and dampening, giving the CTS a dramatic front drop. Out-back are Slam Specialties SS7 airbags with one-off brackets made to fit the chassis. A prime benefit from having pieced together his own array of efficient parts for the suspension is that the car sits beautifully level. Even with advanced digital management common to today’s market, often times mechanical limitation can cause modern builds to air-out awkwardly.

Another key piece of the stance’s puzzle is its carefully fit wheel and tire combo. The Niche Verona wheels are configured in a square setup at 20×10-inches with a +40 offset. The rears, however, are machined down by 4mm in order to clear the inner fender lip. The massaging paid off allowing the matching measurements to set aggressively within the wheel well. The negative camber when fully aired compliments the big-body sedan. The fitment remains fully functional throughout the suspension travel. The wheels are matched up with a set of Lexani 245/35R20s.

The Zajicek’s Switchblade Silver CTS catches and throws glittery light while it skates down the Alberta freeways

Cadillac has carved out a corner for itself in the OEM industry as one of the finest paint producers. The second generation CTS, in particular, boasted two paint codes that quickly became iconic in the genre. Triple Coat Diamond Black, and Switchblade Silver Metallic both strike a balance between the metallic flake and smooth finish that is practically unheard of off the factory line. The Zajicek’s Switchblade Silver CTS catches and throws glittery light while it skates down the Alberta freeways. The Niche 20’s are finished in matte-metallic Gunmetal for a timeless color-combo. The interior’s factory black leather compliments it perfectly, along with the gold accents of the Caddy’s wreath.

Tammy and JD are committed minitruckers. The eat, sleep, and breath the Slam’d Lifestyle. With a passion project a piece, the whole Zajicek family can enjoy their Silver Switchblade. The killer daily boasts an impressive stance and provides all the creature comforts left to be desired by most builds. Thanks to Tammy and JD for representing #TeamSlamd so well in the Great White North!

Special Thanks from the Owner: “My Wife Tammy, my kids Alex and Samantha, my parents, and my fellow Dropsicles Club members. Wade Anderson for machining some pieces for my front strut mounts. Sam at Epic Rod and Custom, Kevin at Innovative Autoworx, Steve at MHT Wheels, Roel at Slam Specialties, and Tore at Alberta Wheel”

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