The anticipation leading up to Camp-N-Drag every year is off the charts. Each year it seems that the anticipation and chatter has grown and the custom community has embraced this beloved event. Held in Waveland, Indiana each year in July Camp-N-Drag is definately worth the trip no matter where you’re coming from. There is a particular magic about this show that is a bit hard to put into words.

Camp N Drag19Camp N Drag26 Photos: SoLo Films & Stetson Bowerman | Words: Kristi French

From the high caliber builds, custom campers, and unforgettable nightlife you will leave feeling like you don’t want it to end and once hooked you’ll definitely be back every year. When we arrived on Friday afternoon, the campgrounds were already packed full with people enjoying the Slam’d scenery of all the custom vehicles in attendance (mental note: next year arrive Thursday to see even more of the roll-in). The layout of the show grounds is perfect to cruise around “low ‘n slow” style all weekend long from sun up to sun down. In true camping fashion, everyone comes prepared to spend the entire weekend at the show, grilling and enjoying cold ones with their club buddies and fellow truck enthusiasts alike.

IMG_4450IMG_4630IMG_4349The  Balistik crew does a hell of a job organizing and putting on this show, bringing in amazing rides from all over the country and even some of our favorite Canadians. (Insert silly Canadian “eh” joke here). Bringing in more than 500 quality vehicle registrations 3,500+ spectators, this show has an enormous turnout that makes the trip well worth it! They also have some of the raddest fully custom-build trophies we’ve ever seen – including; best camper, best engineered, club participation, Top 50 and the special “Elite 10” they hand out to the top rides of the show.

IMG_4805IMG_4797IMG_4812IMG_4772IMG_4322IMG_4786If you haven’t had the chance to make it out to Camp-N-Drag yet, do yourself a huge favor and make sure to check it out next year. We definitely suggest that you get up off your rump and join in on the fun. Add it to the bucket list for 2015 and we’ll see you out there (stay tuned for Slam’d Mag cruise info from Cali for the 2015 show)!

IMG_4380Camp N Drag18

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