Cross Five (or X-5) is The Xtreme Super Show series that tours Japan each year bringing out the wildest rides from every genre across the country. We caught up with the tour on their Tokyo stop, held in front of the Ajinomoto Stadium. This year’s X-5 show featured a really nice mix of Slam’d rides from all over the island. There was everything from traditional Japanese and import cars to laid out minitrucks, to custom Euros, to the wildest exotics. A truly great mix keeping to the theme, where everything was done to the extreme.

_MG_0063_MG_0026_MG_0019 Photos: Shingo Takeshita | Words: Mike Alexander

It’s always cool to see this sort of mix all on the same show grounds – and since this is exactly the kind of diversity that Slam’d Mag is all about, we knew we had to get a closer look. Our good friend, Shingo from Grounded Mag scoured the event snapping pics of the best of the best so we could bring them half way around the world to you. The cross-culture and styles are getting more and more popular in Japan as many are now mixing the hot rod styles and euro/racing styles to create their own unique rides. It was also pretty cool to see more worldwide support for Slam’d with banners, stickers, and apparel showing up on a few different rides and spectators throughout the show.


Just like with the custom and truck scenes, the stance and import scene in Japan seems to have exploded! There were hundreds of rides sporting the latest in custom wheels and tricked out air suspension systems, along with some really high tech show displays. Like some of the other shows we’ve attended overseas, they also went all out on the entertainment for the X-5 show in Tokyo. Including demos from Monster Energy motocross riders, Kicker Audio sound offs, bikini contest, and huge raffle for giveaways – the Xtreme Super Show really does live up to its name.

Stay tuned as Slam’d Mag continues to scour the globe to bring you the very best with each and every issue!


Event Details

Name: Cross Five (X5) The Xtreme Super Show
Location: Tokyo, Japan

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