Having to take your project build from one shop to another can get exhausting, but many of us do just that to ensure that we get the best components and work done on various areas of our vehicles done by experts of each trade. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and in Plano, Texas, a true one-stop-shop has opened its doors. Recently, two of Texas’s premiere shops – Dorbritz Designs and Garage Werks – have joined forces to create the ultimate partnership when it comes to producing some of the industry’s finest builds.

To celebrate the partnership and grand opening, the duo hosted a open house for both past and prospective customers to come check out the new and improved facilities and get a little taste of what’s to come. Friends and car owners were also encouraged to bring out their custom rides and show off a bit for those in attendance. The open house went off without a hitch and was a huge success, offering tours, refreshments, and quotes for project builds on-site.

DSCF23455_master10_masterPhotos: AJ Pena, Daniel Baum, Erik Marroquin | Words: Lindsey Fisher

Now located at 4050 Premier Dr. in Plano, TX, the combined company offers everything from simple stereo system installs to full custom interiors, exterior wraps and air suspension overhauls. With over 30 years of combined experience, you know you’re dealing with only well-seasoned industry professionals who have handled countless SEMA and award winning builds. Unlike with some shops where money is the bottom line, the new partnership between Garage Werks and Dorbritz Designs focuses on creating unique vehicles that not only satisfy their owners’ needs and vision, but also build off their thoughts and desires pertaining to the ultimate ride as a true partnership in design.


This means that customers are involved throughout the build process, making sure that the end product is truly a reflection of each individual’s tastes and style. You’re unique, why shouldn’t your ride be? Thanks to the two companies now working together under the same roof, customers can tap into the best of both businesses, with state-of-the-art interiors, audio and video systems, custom interiors coming, one-off suspension systems, accessories, and more. The combined company also offers full vehicle wraps, wheels and tires, and other automotive accessories. Essentially, if there’s anything you’re looking for to set your ride apart, Garage Werks and Dorbritz Designs has you covered.


Proving just what kind of work the partnership can do, Garage Werks has been updating their Facebook page several times a week with custom builds they’re currently working on for the upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas. From stanced pickup trucks and super cars to lifted SUVs and Jeeps, the custom creations coming out of the recent partnership are truly amazing. We’re very excited about the recent partnership and can’t wait to see what they come up with! Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you more of these one-off-a-kind creations, right here at Slam’d Mag.


Event Details

Name: Dorbritz Designs x Garage Werks
Location:  4050 Premier Dr. Suite 200 Plano, Texas 75023
Phone: (214) 642-8444
Website: Dorbritz Designs | Garage Werks

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