Aaron Hunt is no stranger to building immaculate custom vehicles that are both simple and clean, yet complex and detailed to the max. It’s sort of his “calling card” and anyone that has seen one of his builds in person can attest to this. Aaron has been around the custom car scene for more than 20 years, and got his first car, a 1966 Volkswagen bug at age 15 and was instantly hooked. Over the years his skills and quality of build have increased and gained momentum, some would even say to the level of being obsessive. OCD is both a blessing and a curse, and we know this all too well as it plagues us day and night with wanting each and every page of Slam’d Mag to be perfect and every little detail to be well thought out before execution. This same fanatic detail is what keeps Aaron awake at night, tweaking and perfecting his builds.

Audi-26Audi-13Audi-23Photos: Cody Gephart & Tyler Holbrock | Words: Mike Alexander

Aaron’s last build was a black (go figure) 2004 Nissan Armada that also showed out at SEMA. The difference fwith his latest build, this 2009 Audi A4 Quattro was two fold – first, he wanted a daily driver that was also a full show car, and second this one would be on air. This was quite the switch for Aaron as previous owner of Hydroholics, he has always been a huge advocate for hydros and most of his installs throughout the years consisted of custom hydraulic setups. So to build a calling card for his new venture, Lowform Suspension Labs, where air suspension will be his new focus Aaron knew he needed the perfect platform.

Aaron bought the Audi with two other show cars still sitting in his garage; his juiced Nissan Armada and a bagged 1964 VW bug. He’s also found some more Audis @ allcarleasing.co.uk that he likes the look of too. The purchase was rather spontaneous since he had to jump at the offer when the right car came along. He had mentioned to his wife in passing that he was looking to build an Audi, but never really gave her a definitive idea of how soon. Needless to say, the purchase of this car was followed by a few days of the silent treatment. She felt his collection of vehicles had grown a little too large (rightfully so) and one of his show cars had to go before he could ‘touch’ the Audi. Low and behold, the Nissan was now up for sale! It took about eight months for the Armada to sell and even though he promised not to touch the Audi, she didn’t say anything about stockpiling parts for the build. Yes, us husbands also have a few tricks to work the english language to our advantage. This gave Aaron plenty of time to plan out his build, and the day the Armada sold was the very same day the Audi was up on jack stands in his garage.


This car consists of a few well thought and strategic mods. It’s not overdone, but everything was executed with obsessive detail and thought. The wheels tuck with less than a millimeter of clearance. The front engine cradle is gently resting on the ground and the rear is set with a very small rake. The bumpers, grilles, and sideskirts were all swapped out for their S4/RS4 OE counterparts. These details are all subtle mods that truely make the car. When we asked Aaron what his favorite part of the build was, he shared; “The air management, having full ride height adjustment designed by engineers, with zero rattles, squeaks or creaks is just awesome!” Aaron installed Air Lift Performance series B8 strut kit and rear ‘bags and shocks to get down low, but he didn’t stop there. To achieve the truly slammed stance he was after, the rear was notched and the front was clearanced to give him that extra little bit that few will notice, but those who do will appreciate the amount of extra work that went into this build. This car was pulled into Aaron’s garage as a stock A4, and rolled out as the totally revamped car you see here.


An inspiring build from start to finish, the goal was executed to perfection. A gorgeous daily driver that can take on any show car. We had to dig a little deeper and asked Aaron who he draws some of his inspiration from and what motivates him to build, and he shared; “I’m motivated by creativitiy. Shops like Dorbritz Designs, Because Bags, and Plush Automotive have really set the bar for air ride installs. I look at their air management setups as true artwork and strive to push new ideas as they have all done.” We’re sure we haven’t seen the last of Lowform Suspension Labs, as Aaron Hunt and his crew will soon be sources of inspiration for other installs as their name creeps up to the top of that list for truly innovative air suspension installs.


*Editor’s Note: We’d like to give a shout out to Aaron for giving Slam’d Mag the debut feature on his Audi build, and to Cody Gephart for the amazing photography!

Slam’d Specs

Owner: Aaron Hunt
Vehicle: 2009 Audi A4 Quattro
Hometown: Glendale, AZ
Club: Art of Noize

Rotiform SNA 20×10 +35 et with 2mm machined off to achieve a +37 et
Toyo T1 Sports 245/30/20
Mounted and Road Force balanced by House of Sound

Air Lift Performance Series Air Struts
Air Lift double bellow air bags with Air Lift Performance shocks
Dual Viair 444c using Airlift compressor isolation modified by Lowform
Accuair VU4 manifold (shaved and hardwired by Lowform)
Air Lift 4-Gallon Aluminum Tank
Aluminum Hardline, Earl’s ANO series AN hardline fittings, chrome AN fittings, Lowform Air-Management rack
Stinger electrical components
Install by Lowform Suspension Lab
C-Notched Rear, clearanced front
CNC plasma components and TIG welding by All Day Fab
Machining by Steve Abner

Shaved emblems and wipers
S4 Prestige Series Front Bumper
RS4 grille with STVBEK front lip
OEM Audi German side skirts
S4 Prestige Series Rear Bumper
4-stage buff by Hogie Shine
OE Parts from Cody at Chandler Audi
Installed by Lowform Suspension Lab

OEM with full Leatherique treatment
Custom trunk setup by Lowform Suspension Lab
Hardlines, custom mounts, hidden compartments
Coastal Maple Hardwood floor with aluminum surround

2.0T w/ Neuspeed Stage 1&2 power modules
Magnaflow S4 quad-tip exhaust, modifed by Rudy Krutka to mate with 2.0T engine
Quattro 6spd trans
Detail work by Lowform Suspension Lab under supervision of Brandon Kordower and Dave Gulick

Special Thanks from Owner:
Thank you to my wife Racheal, for allowing and supporting me in my expensive and time consuming hobbies. Scott Harris from Innovated Creations and Design for helping out with Sponsors, Air Lift, Toyo Tires, AccuAir, Magnaflow, Neuspeed, Mothers Polish, All Day Fab, Hogie Shine, G2, Rohana Wheels (wheels not shown, to debut at SEMA). Also a few friends who have helped me along the way, including; Andy Day, Cody Brokenshire, Derek Kordower, Steve Abner, Rudy Krutka, Andy Gulick, Dave Gulick, Brandon Kordower, Rico Rodriguez, Maxx Metcalfe, Dan Hogan, Dylan Steward, Cody Gephart (for the amazing photos) and Slam’d Mag (for the innovative coverage). My Art of Noize club members for their influence and motivation through the years, and of course the rest of my family; my son Gavin, and my 4 year old little girl, Josslyn who could point out an Audi at age 2!

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