With both design and function in mind, Dakota Digital offers the coolest looking gauges with all different levels of integrated technology to equip your ride with the perfect instrumentation no matter your needs. Everything from a classic look to the most modern of designs, choose from conventional dial readings or digital readouts with backlit faces, color-changing options and more, all with the most accurate readings on the market.

New Product: Give your custom ride the instrumentation it deserves with Dakota Digital’s new VHX gauges for 1951-1952 Ford trucks and Chevy cars

dakota_digital_vhx_ford_blueEvery vehicle deserves accurate and aesthetically pleasing instrumentation, no matter if its a show car, cruiser or daily driver. That’s why Dakota Digital offers a wide variety of instrumentation options, including the ever-expanding VHX series. Now available for 1951 and 1952 Ford trucks as well as the same model year Chevy cars, this performance instrumentation line will give you the precision, great looks, and easy setup you’ve been looking for. Manufactured at Dakota Digital’s Sioux Falls, South Dakota facility, the new additions to the VHX series of gauges offer digital instrumentation for your classic Ford or Chevy. With back lighting and LCD displays, reading every gauge is easy, while customizable display settings give you the most pertinent information for your vehicle right at your fingertips. The VHX series of gauges from Dakota Digital is one of the most popular on the market, and it’s easy to see why!

• Gauges fit into stock dash openings with no modification
• Back-lit faces, illuminated needles and highly-visible LCD display screens make reading your gauges easy in any light
• Fitted with micro-controlled precision stepper motors
• Solid state sensors offer unparalleled accuracy
• Customizable displays allow you to see what readings are most important to you
• Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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