Shutter-leadIn case you haven’t noticed yet, automotive photography is truly a passion for us here at Slam’d Mag. Every shoot both near and far, we carry our big body DSLRs and tote heavy lenses around in order to get the right shot for a killer feature content around the globe. However, in the fast pace world we live in, it will always remain true that the very best camera we have, is the one that’s with us. And these days, mobile phones are packing quite the punch! A mobile phone with ever expanding technology and the right eye can still achieve some great results.

ShutterandSpeed-5468ShutterandSpeed-5548 Photos & Words: Nico Jarrett

Last month we were able to attend an exhibit called “Shutter Speed” on Mobile Photography and it was geared specifically to the automotive crowd. The event was presented by Olloclip and for those of you that don’t know who Olloclip is they make a 4-in-1 lens kit for mobile phones which allows you to expand your creativity with you mobile photography with options of a wide-angle, fish-eye, 10x Macro and 15x Macro lens. The event was held at BoxEight Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, which was the perfect venue to mix these two creative passions together under one roof.

The event featured photographs from well-known photographers like Estevan Oriol, Magnus Walker aka Urban Outlaw, and Professional Drifter Ryan Tuerck, plus many other enthusiast and industry natives. Photos were printed from the Olloclip Instagram account and showcased on the walls and hung from the ceiling. With an open bar, a cool atmosphere, and automotive photography to look at it was a great place to spend your Thursday night.


There were a few cars on display that night including a completely raced out Audi R8 from GMG Racing that was placed in a seamless white-walled room perfect for some automotive studio shooting. The second car was a mint green colored Porsche GT3 featuring a wide-body kit from Aero Flow Dynamics and a nice custom set of BBS mesh wheels. The last car featured at the event was a Nissan GTR Slam’d on Airrex suspension with a Liberty Walk wide-body kit and sporting a fresh set of custom BBS LM wheels.


The night was filled with tons of great people talking cars, some cocktails of course, and everyone testing out a new perspective with the 4-in-1 lens kit from Olloclip. Not a bad demo, and the subjects on hand lent themselves perfectly as guinea pigs for the new and improved equipment. Although let’s be honest, none of the pics shown here were taken with our phones. However, some “iPhonetography” has made its way into Slam’d Mag before and it might just happen again. Shhhh, let’s keep that our little secret. Make sure to check out the full event gallery below!

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