Built on the passion of customizing cars, BST Clothing has been providing unique apparel for minitruckers and other slammed vehicle fans for more than 10 years now. Whether you’re looking for something to sport in the garage while working on your ride, or something to show your dedication to the lowered life at a show or get-together, BST has the one-of-a-kind SoCal style designs that you’re looking for.

New Product: Celebrate the Kustom Life with BST’s new 2015 “Live Life Kustom” Line-up

bst_new_lineIt’s a new year and you’ve undoubtedly worn your favorite minitruckin’ and lowered gear to near rags by now. Sure, you can rock that tried-and-true wardrobe for as long as you’d like, but with BST Clothing’s new line of shirts and accessories out for 2015, we’re sure you’ll be ready to retire some of your old digs for the new.

The new “Live Life Kustom” BST line-up is once again inspired by the Kustom Life. There’s nothing like customizing your own ride, so why not have a wardrobe that celebrates that? New shirts and accessories will be available in sizes for guys and ladies, as well as the kiddos. So retire those old shirts and get you some of that new new today.

• All new line-up for 2015
• Celebrate the Kustom Life with new shirts and accessories
• Kustom clothing for guys, gals, and kids

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