We brought you a quick preview from Lone Star Throwdown 2015, but now it’s time to check out all that this ginormous event had to offer. We were fortunate enough to find a few local SoCal truckers as crazy as we are to make the trek out to Lone Star Throwdown this year, despite the dooming weather reports. Like some, we didn’t jump in a comfortable plane and catch a cozy flight – NOPE! We loaded our trailers with debut rides and Slam’d gear goodies and made the 3,200+ mile roundtrip trek to witness a record breaking year, first hand.

IMG_8664LST 2015-42LST 2015-46LST 2015-47IMG_8742LST99LST 2015-68Photos: The Slam’d Crew – Alex Dooley, Sean French, Mike Alexander, Frank Newton, Stetson Bowerman, Anthony Gonzales

With threatening weather reports of a giant storm rolling through Texas the weekend of LST it was a huge gamble, but the hardworking LST crew had put their all into throwing one hell of a show and some shaky Texas weather reports were not about to stop them. So Todd and Lonnie announced that the show would go on, rain or shine, and after all it is Texas – where the weather has quite a mind of its own and they weren’t about to let a little rain deter the weekend’s festivities.

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And the cool thing is, no one else was going to let a little rain ruin their plans either, with more than 1,900 vehicles rolling through the gates, the only thing that flooded Conroe, Texas was custom trucks and cars as far as the eye could see. Low and behold, the impending rain held out through the weekend with only a light sprinkle here and there. God was definitely on our side, and with record breaking numbers and packed show grounds we could tell that his would definitely be a weekend for the books!

LST 2015-119LST 2015-110LST 2015-94LST 2015-38IMG_8743IMG_8596LST136LST 2015-36LST 2015-59

As luck would have it, the brunt of the storm did hold out, and the weekend’s fun continued late into sunday evening. The LST crew and Negative Camber did an excellent job with the show’s organization and kept everything running smooth. They setup two unique things that really help set this show apart and make it such an easy event to attend and enjoy. They offer a “one-way” loop where you can cruise your ride as long as you follow the rules and don’t do anything stupid. This was neat to see in person as it reminded us of the old ITB and Pigeon Forge days, seeing all of the badass rides roll on by. They also setup an area for “drive-thru judging” where you can pull up and have your ride judged free of distractions. This helps keep things organized and frees up time for the event staff to help keep everything running smooth.

LST 2015-99IMG_8602IMG_8678IMG_8603IMG_8606IMG_8657IMG_8740IMG_8668IMG_8748LST 2015-43IMG_8750

With record breaking numbers and an almost sold out grounds, it was quite nice to see just how well organized the show was and how well the LST crew was in synch keeping things rolling properly through the weekend. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen such teamwork with everyone working in unison and you can really tell that the crew has the formula dialed in tight. We truly enjoyed the venue, the rides, and most of all – the people who all came out to support a great event! Well worth the miles clocked and we’re already counting down the days to do it again next year, we’ll see you there!

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