Building something truly custom is an art form like no other. Sure, there are plenty of rides out there that feature a few custom components here and there, but the true art of customization lies in the hands of people who can manipulate every inch of their build without it being over-the-top or gaudy. Mike Partyka of Fruita, Colorado is one of those artful minds, coming up with unique designs and features for his vehicles that go far beyond what the average customizer is capable of achieving. Growing up, Mike became involved in the custom automotive scene at about age 15, and over the years he’s created some of the coolest custom rides we’ve seen, including a ’79 Datsun custom minitruck, a killer ’31 Ford rat rod, and of course his latest project, this 1967 Chevy C10 Long Bed pickup featured here.

C10-10C10-07 Photos & Words: Lindsey Fisher

With an eye for the unique and a passion for getting everything just right, Mike’s journey to build his Chevy truck has been more than 13 years in the making. But just like with anything worth while, something this amazing never comes easy or quick. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” something Mike constantly reminded himself through the ups and downs of the long journey with this build. Mike started customizing his C-10 back in 2001 when he was just 20 years old. Wanting this build to be a true work of art, Mike decided to use a local shop for the major customization so it would be completed to perfection. With all of his ideas laid out, Mike entrusted his pride and joy to a local hot rod shop, but when things went south years later and the truck was still not complete, Mike had enough and decided to take matters into his own hands once again.

He made it a point to put his nose to the grindstone and crank out a build that many told him he couldn’t pull off. Since Mike had a stigma behind his past builds as being “rusty” and “ratty” this time around he wanted something that shined. Now in his early 30s, he finally has the truck he’s always dreamed of owning. So we asked, what inspired him to create such a unique ride, and Mike shared: “A passion to stand out among the rest, take it that extra step and put details where others would never imagine, my ultimate goal was to build a classy, elegant, custom truck with all the right touches.” And from the looks of things he more than nailed it! After dealing with other shops off and on for more than a decade, Mike also shared, “it’s true – if you want something done right, you should do it yourself.”


The result of this goal and all Mike’s efforts compiled together is the gorgeous truck you see here. From headlights to tailgate, Mike’s C10, lovingly nicknamed Eccentric, is about as custom as you can get. Just about every body panel was modified in some way while modern performance features were integrated throughout, like a full Porterbuilt tubular air suspension setup and a modern drivetrain. If you can pull your mind away from the more obvious custom mods, like the full electronic tilt-hood up front, you’ll find that even the seemingly catalog-sourced components, like the LS3 crate engine that powers the Eccentric C10, have all been modified with personal touches throughout.

One of the major sources of pride in this build was the interior, which Mike told us he wanted to feel and smell like an exotic sports car for years to come – thus the real Italy-sourced Porsche Terracotta Leather upholstery. Also sourced from the luxury auto manufacturer was the gauge cluster, originally from a 2009 Porsche Cayenne. A series of flowing circles, this gauge cluster and the name “Eccentric” helped inspire other interior details, like the billet inlays in the doors and custom shadow box featuring the truck’s name inlaid in the dash. Another truly unique feature on the truck is the custom bed, which is actually 1-inch acrylic that was airbrushed in reverse order – first the black details and then the woodgrain pattern – so that once it was flipped over, all the unique artistry that went into the creation would shine through. To add even more pop to the bed, Mike installed flush-mount LED lights under the polished stainless bed skid strips, which feature a brushed edge for even more of a custom touch. These LEDs match the ones that light up the truck’s engine bay, undercarriage and interior details, like the custom “Eccentric” shadowbox in the dash making for a pretty trick light show when this C10 is parked at night.

Certainly, Mike’s truck looks like a true show vehicle, but while going to most major shows on the schedule for this slammed C10, Mike plans to drive it! “I refuse to let it sit in the garage like so many others do,” Mike explained, “It was built to enjoy the open road with my Son along side of me and make memories for years to come.” There are so many custom modifications so we asked Mike to provide a comprehensive spec list below, so check out all the awesome custom work and components that went into creating this unique ride, and be sure to check out the full photo gallery at the bottom for even more awesomeness!

Slam’d Specs

C10-06Owner: Mike Partyka Jr
Vehicle: 1967 Chevrolet C-10 Long Wheel Base
Hometown: Fruita, Colorado

Front: Intro Vista II 24×9 wheels and Toyo Proxes 4s 265/25ZR/24
Rear: Intro Vista II 26×10 wheels and Toyo Proxes 4s 275/25ZR/26
Brakes: Wilwood black 14-inch rotors front and back, 6-piston calipers, Wilwood master cylinder

Front: Porterbuilt dropmember, CPP 3-inch drop spindle, Slam Specialties airbags, Porterbuilt control arms
Rear: Porterbuilt trailing arms and crossmembers, custom built rear ‘bag mounts, Slam Specialties ‘bags, 3-inch drop axle
12-bolt GM rearend
Fox Bypass Shocks
Oasis XD3000 compressor
Specialty Suspension seamless aluminum air tanks
Boxed frame from cab back, all factory holes have been smoothed, Step Notch with custom crossmember

Molded frontend/bumper
Shaved: windshield wipers, rain gutters, cowl vents, door handles, key locks, cab seam, third brake light, side trim kit, stake pocket holes, all emblems, and fuel filler door
Weld-in front roll pan; roll pan area extended down 1.5 inches
Firewall pushed back one-inch and shaved
Molded and welded tailgate skin
Hidden fuel door behind taillight
Bed and cab body dropped to lay even with the frame
All new inner bed sheet metal
Radiused inner bed corners
New cab corners and rocker panels
1-piece side window kit
Suicide driver’s door
Full electric, remote controlled tilt forward hood
One-inch acrylic bed floor with airbrushed woodgrain on the underside
LED lighting throughout, including under the polished stainless bed skid strips with brushed edges
Painted Summit White by Travis Schave with custom airbrushed woodgrain bed

Wise Guys bench seat with console removed, custom upholstered in Porsche Teracotta Leather
Bodyworked dash wrapped in Porsche Teracotta Leather with “Eccentric” shadow box with custom LED lighting
2009 Porsche Cayenne gauge cluster custom built by Classic Instruments for the truck
Custom door panels with handmade billet inlays
Shaved seatbelt holes and visors
Custom airbrushed woodgrain headliner
Flaming River steering column with B.A.D. steering wheel
Retractable license plate
Vintage Air AC and heat
2010 Camaro SS gas pedal assembly
Push-button start and door releases
Stereo controlled by flush-mount iPad
Two JL Audio 13TW5 13.5-inch shallow mount subwoofers in custom-built enclosure with LED lighting
JL Audio HD1200/1 and JL Audio HD600/4 amplifiers
JL Audio CR 650 Evolution Series components system
Interior done by JS Custom Interiors in Salt Lake City, Utah

Chevrolet Performance LS3 Crate Motor with 
4L65e transmission
Hedman LS Swap Headers
Griffin Radiator
 with dual electric fans
2.5-inch exhaust with 40 Series Flowmasters

Special Thanks From Owner:
Mike would like to thank his family for being patient through the build and for supporting him in his dreams. Special thanks to Mike’s father for assuring him the brakes will perform to spec and to his true friends who backed him all along. Also a special shout-out to Damon Thompson for his support and for always being there to push the truck on and off the trailer, and Nick Milovich and Travis Schave for showing Mike they are genuine friends and would do anything to help see it through to the end! Most of all I am thankful for my son, who wasn’t there when this project started, but was a major driving force in finishing it. I look forward to the many road trips with him along side of me, smiling together, experiencing the open road. Custom runs in his blood as well so I look forward to the day we can build him a truck next!

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