Tasmania (abbreviated as Tas and known as “Tassie”) is an island state, part of the Commonwealth of Australia, located 240 kilometres (150 miles) to the south of the Australian mainland, separated by a notorious body of water known as Bass Strait. The state has a population of 507,626 (as of June 2010), almost half of which resides in the Greater Hobart precinct, which forms the metropolitan area of the state capital and largest city Hobart. Tasmania is promoted as a natural state; almost 45% of Tasmania lies in reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites and the state was the founding place of the first environmental party in the world and also is home to Sinister Tasmania, a 52 member strong Minitruck and Custom vehicle Club whom have roamed this Island State since early 2005.

Sinister Tasmania was formed by Peter Davey with the vision of bringing together liked minded Tasmanian minitruck and custom owners together. This was at a time in Tasmania when the minitruck scene didn’t exist, and only a couple of airbagged rides had ever seen the island. The local Police had no idea surrounding the legalities of these “lowered” rides and Sinister was able to roll carefree and very low for many years. The early days for Sinister Tasmania were wild and extremely fun, but as a Club they experienced extreme challenges and the realization that the wild ways would have to eventually change if they wanted a strong future for customs autos in Tasmania.

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Fast forward a decade or so and Sinister Tasmania is a Club built on solid old-school values continuing to progress forward in leaps and bounds. The Club has hosted numerous events over the years, including Hellraiser, May-Hem and the annual event now known as Island Fever, which attracts attendees from all over Australia; many who even ferry their rides over for the show and epic times to be had. This event is held over a weekend at the commencement of every New Years and the event is well known for its unique flavor and personal touch that creates friendships for life.

Island Fever this year was held in the northern end of the island state bringing to life the sleepy small town of Deloraine; or as the locals like to call it, Del-City. Deloraine is predominately a farming town surrounded by cattle for the use of locally made dairy products from within the Meander Valley region. Island Fever being a true weekend-long event goes until midnight on Sunday. A club that likes to share great times with everyone; Fever 2015 was filled to the brim with enough shenanigans to keep you on your toes the entire time. Upon arriving in the quiet town and checking into the various accommodation venues the Friday afternoon of the show the 12-seater Sinister “Fever Express” bus whisked about the town picking up show attendees and dropping them at a local member’s house where the GrinderTV DVD was shown at the pre-party for Fever Friday. A large amount of drinks were consumed, plenty of much needed catch ups and dancing into the early hours as the DJ threw down some of the freshest beats Del-City had ever heard.

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Saturday’s arrival was much anticipated, and despite the few sore heads it was strictly business as usual. With the help of the Sinister wives and girlfriends the organization of the show goes off without a hitch. All attendees departed Deloraine and headed to the small town of Mole Creek, a short half hour drive West along some of the most beautiful winding Tasmanian roads. With a population of 223 people this little one pub town became host to the 2015 Island Fever show and shine. This year was the highest presence of mainland cars combined with local Tasmanian cars both completed and in the build, and it set the scene for the biggest custom car show in Sinisters’ 10 year history.

The sun was shining and the 200 plus attendees were keen to get amongst the action. Over the course of the day, the show and shine was run, the pub turned on a solid feed for all, Club games and standard tug of war competitions were held, including the sinister wives vs. the sinister boys and mainland vs. Tasmanians. There were some fierce battles and a few sore bums afterwards, but all in good fun. Sinister always delivers on the Club games and one thing we can say for sure about Australian shows in general is their overall atmosphere of fun and camaraderie is second to none!

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As the day rolls into night it’s time to dress up but also let the hair down for the ’80s aerobic themed dress up presentation dinner. It was awards central at the Deloraine pub with several cars and owners picking up armfuls of trophies for the intense hours and unique modifications, along with awards for the furthest distance travelled going to Kane Berndsen who travelled from Far North Queensland and Nathan Hawkins in his Hilux who drove 2,187 kms (1,340 miles) one way from Brisbane Queensland to be in attendance. The prestigious best of show, which is known as the “Big Kahuna” Award also went to Nathan’s 04LOW Lux (click here for the full feature). Last but not least, six Sinister Members (Drew Roberts, Peter Davey, Ayden Harrex, Jezza Willis, Jessie Imlach and Tom Saunders) were recognized for their loyalty and dedication and presented with an award for 10 years of service to the club. As always, the awards ceremony lead into what can only be described as a massive night of festivities for all.

Sunday morning and barely a few hours’ sleep for most party goers but we’re up for yet another beautiful day in Deloraine. Heading off to the towns one and only 1950s diner where we’re served up a much needed hangover curing hot breakfast whilst surrounded by one of Australia’s largest 1950’s memorabilia collections. Here it’s time to regroup and say goodbye to Del-City and its amazing hospitality before heading two hours South to Hobart, the home of Joes Garage. To the Southern Tasmanian Joes Garage is their local pub. To everyone else it was viewing countless hours of Motorsport memorabilia, photos of past motoring legends, cars, bikes and just an overall feel of having a beer in the shed with the mates. This was the final stop for the Island Fever weekend and what better spot for it than Joes Garage, for many mainland attendees the Sunday night session at Joes Garage was one for the bucket list. Much to our surprise, the Sunday night was much larger than anticipated and with all attendees rolling out the door at 1.00 am Monday.

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What a show, what a weekend, overall Island Fever 2015 was nothing short of a success and we cannot wait for the next one in 2016. Sinister would like to thank all the attendees both near and far for their support over the weekend. Huge props to all the sponsors who continue to help make this happen, including: Toast Graphics, Slam’d Mag, Ground Level, Daly Auto Electrics, Mexs Garage, Drew Cole, Negative Camber Australia, GrinderTV, Hotel Soho, No Clearance, Crayzee Fishing Pty. Ltd., Joes Garage, Tyrepower Launceston, Kate Weir Design, BP Deloraine, Heritage Stone, TF Automotive, Notch Shop, Hobart Hardchrome, Twisted Metal Works, Sunset Australia, Woods Autos, KIK Klothing, Reize Energy Drink, 78 Signs, Admissive Clothing,, Four seasons condoms, Zac Caville, Jake Woodward and Real Mates Tasmania. Stay tuned as we bring you more madness from around the globe!

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