We recently had the chance to attend one of our favorite shows of the year, Last Call. This was the 5th Annual event, which is now put on every year by the Las Vegas chapter of Severed Ties to honor their fallen member, Bradley Lang, who left us way too early on May 8th, 2010. The show’s purpose was simple; to honor and celebrate the life of one of the greatest people you could ever come to know. If you were lucky enough to know him, and attended his memorial show then we’re sure that you brought home a piece of his giant heart where his memories still live on. The show was intended to be just as it was named, the Last Call, however with the support and love for this show it has been brought back by popular demand and continues to donate to local charitable causes each year.

IMG_7333 copyIMG_7347 Photos & Words: Frank “BST” Newton

The now annual Last Call Car & Truck show brings out the best of the best from all over the west – and beyond. Set in Downtown Las Vegas at the Grand Hotel, this is one of the hottest shows on the West Coast, both figuratively and literally. Despite the heat, this show attracts some of the most well-built, high-quality rides in our scene. Couple that with all the awesome amenities that Las Vegas has to offer and you’re bound to have an amazing time.


This year the show area took up two entire blocks and was jam-packed with all sorts of slam’d rides. Everything from killer minis to full custom hot rods, lowriders, and everything in between – all shined in their best examples of each culture. Hosted by the local Las Vegas chapter of Severed Ties, this year’s Last Call definitely attracted some of the biggest clubs with huge showings from Forbidden Fantasy, Sunset, RA, Freaks, NC, No Regrets, and more. Attendees from all different clubs even traveled as far as Texas to be there and show their support.


An added perk of the show’s Las Vegas setting gives attendees a chance to hang out with friends in “Sin City” a couple months before SEMA. This gives industry peeps a chance to actually relax and catch up with each other, before the hustle and bustle of thrashing for SEMA begins. And with early Friday arrivals from club members near and far, this pretty much guaranteed that the party would last all weekend long. After the show concluded, things were just getting started on Fremont. As custom car owners converged and the drinks continued to flow, you could feel the unity and camaraderie that our scene is known for and the true heart of this show.

Event Details

Name: Last Call Car & Truck Show
Location: Downtown Las Vegas
Website: Last Call FB


This year’s event featured specialty awards from Aftermath Designs as well as several “infamous” awards that the Last Call show has become known for. Several “Best of” awards, the “Long Distance” award, the “Lang Family Choice” award, Best SEVERED vehicle award, and the coveted “WTF” award which is always a fun one to try and pick out as an attendee. If you’re planning out your show schedule for next year, be sure to include Last Call on your “must hit” list. You know our rooms are already booked, we’ll see you there!


Check Out The Full Slam’d Gallery Here: