Since 1973, Kicker Audio has provided some of the best speakers and audio equipment for the 12v car audio market and beyond. With a talent for creating components that not only give you the sound you want, but also the aesthetic value your custom-built ride deserves, Kicker has the right selection of highs, mids, amps, subs and more for any build, land to water.

New Product: Kicker’s New CompQ Subwoofer Balances Luxury and Excitement

kicker_compq_3For more than 40 years, Kicker Audio has specialized in pairing performance with aesthetics and with their latest addition to the luxurious, yet exciting Q-Class Series, the CompQ round subwoofer, you’ll be experiencing those lows in style like never before.

The new CompQ subwoofer is built for power, with extra large voice coils that have been computer engineering and optimized for incredible power handling, substantial magnets for accurate voice coil control and an overall reinforced structure, including an injection-molded round cone and stitched large-roll Stantoprene surround, which provide optimal structure and control within the unit.

Built for durability, the new CompQ sub is also engineered for superior sound, giving you high-caliber, clean bass, as well as limited distortion. Made to accommodate 8-gauge wires direct for extreme current flow, the New CompQs will be boosting your bass levels in no time!

• Extra large, computer-optimized voice coils for incredible power handling
• Immense magnets for accurate voice coil control
• Solid, non-vented pole piece provides high mass for optimal cooling with extended use
• Built for power and durability
• Can accommodate 8-gauge wire for extreme current flow
• Available in 10, 12 and 14-inch sizes
• Choose from 2 and 4 ohm options

Part of Kicker’s Q-Class of stereo components, which boasts the tag line “Luxury Shouldn’t be Boring”, the new CompQ subwoofer can be found here, along with other Q-Class components. Be sure to check out the video for a sneak peek at the Q-Class product line below!

Company Contact: Kicker Audio
(405) 624-8510