End Of Summer Bash 2014 marks its 18th year of this event and also makes it one of the longest running car/truck shows on the East Coast! The show has changed it’s location a few times in the past, but has never lost it’s essence as an old school truck show. This is mainly due to the guys and gals that make this event possible. The Low Rollers crew, founded in 1992 are based out of Delaware, but you can find them at pretty much all of the big shows up and down the East Coast throughout the year.

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With a back bone like theirs and the support the Low Rollers club gives all of the other events, you can always guarantee a great show with great rides as everyone comes out to return the favor and show their support. This isn’t your average truck show either. Everything from hot rods to old school Mercedes and VWs can be found in attendance. The atmosphere of this event is definitely one of friendship and family, where everyone is there to have a good time and check out each other’s rides.


They also have some fun events going on during the show and plenty of entertainment, food, and amenities. A slip-n-slide, kid’s coloring contest, and a high/low competition all ensure that the entire family has a good time at the event. The high/low contest is a huge draw, and people literally run to their vehicles to get in line and compete. It’s probably such a hit because you get to drag down the hill to where they measure your ride, and then allowed to do a nice smokey burn out as you leave the judging area – which makes for some smokey good fun! And if you’re lucky enough, you might even have the chance to take home one of their awesome one-off custom specialty awards. Be sure to mark this one on your calendars for next year, you definitely won’t be disappointed!


Event Details

Name: Low Rollers End Of Summer Bash 2014
Location: Woodstown, NJ
Website: Low Rollers FB

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