What better way to kick off our first full “International Issue” than an exclusive Shop Tour from halfway around the world? We got to visit with our buddies from the Netherlands to get an inside look at the custom euro scene with one of the few shops performing air suspension installs in the country – Street Customs. If you’re familiar with the region than you know that the west coast of Europe is a pretty amazing place to visit as you can pretty much tour at least three different countries in a matter of a few hours by car or train. Although Europe is HUGE, the custom car scene itself is still quite small and self contained to a few small regions. But in the video above you can tell that the crew at Street Customs definitely shares their passion for lowered cars with anyone in earshot and beyond that will partake in the Slam’d gospel.

SC-shoptour-06SC-shoptour-11SC-shoptour-01 Video: Mathijs van Wijk | Photos: Seb MolPatrick Klösters & Mathijs van Wijk  | Words: Mike Alexander

We caught up with owner/build Wim Kuiper to interview him about Street Customs Netherland and what we can expect to see rolling out of their bays in the near future. Wim has had a passion for car building since he can remember and finally pursued his dream to open up a custom shop specializing in vehicle wraps, air suspension, and performance upgrades. Here’s what he had to say:

Slam’d Mag: How long has Street Customs been around?

Wim Kuiper SC: “We officially opened doors about five and a half years ago, it’ll be six years in March 2016.”


Slam’d: What do you guys focus on for your customers?

SC: “We try to offer an all-around approach. By providing wraps, air suspension, and other modifications, we work with our clients and friends to turn out unique work that we can all be proud of. Our specialties are definitely air suspension and custom wraps.”

Slam’d: What was the first vehicle you did as a shop?

SC: “First car we built was an Opel (Vauxhall) Tigra with air suspension and a 340bhp engine.”

Slam’d: What’s your favorite Build to date?

SC: “Ah man, that’s a tough one, that’s like asking who’s your favorite kid! But if I had to pick one I’d probably say the BMW E30 build we did with an M5 engine swap on full Air Lift Performance air suspension.”

Slam’d: What’s your favorite Shop Memory?

SC: “Probably when we came up with the idea for our show coming up this week – Airvolution because it’s a collaboration with help from all of my best friends!”

Slam’d: What’s the craziest mod/build you’ve ever done?

SC: “Definitely the E30 with M5 engine build. That one was a lot of fun because the owner was always a huge static guy and was anti-air for so long. But we finally showed him that he could get even lower AND have better driving performance with air suspension so that was a huge transformation.”


Slam’d: What do you hope to accomplish in the future? What’s next for Street Customs Netherlands?

SC: “We hope to be the biggest air suspension builder and dealer of the Holland and Belgium (the Benelux). Also our show “Airvolution” is the first of it’s kind in this region so we hope that will grow with time.”

Slam’d: Anyone you’d like to thank for their help or support?

SC: “Of course my family and friends for all their support and being there through the years. My friends at Air Lift for believing in me and the shop (Debbie, Tom, Jeremy, and Corey), my good friends Mathijs van Wijk (MVW Photography), Seb Mol (Small Pictures), Patrick Klösters (PetPat Photography) for all their help, and a big thanks to Mike Alexander at Slam’d Mag for this opportunity!”

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