If there’s one thing that the custom vehicle world has taught us, it’s that passion for the industry truly knows no age. Sure, there are certainly those icons of the industry that have weathered decades of innovations and seen entire markets come and go, but automotive passion and innovation is still very much in the hands of the next generation. Some of the largest contributions to the industry are increasingly coming from the “young guns” as they set their sights on quality, innovation, and pushing the boundaries by thinking outside the box time and time again.


A perfect example of this innovative entrepreneurial spirit is Coleman Thedinger, the young 20-something that has literally taken the 12v car audio world by storm. Thedinger is the CEO and founder of CT Sounds and Thedinger Distribution. CT Sounds was founded by Coleman in his early 20s, and was the result of Audio Technix (also founded by Thedinger) splitting into two companies, CT Sounds and Execution Audio, back in 2013.

Audio Technix, which started out as a company that sold only sound deadening material quickly expanded to include everything from wires to an ever-growing line up of innovative automotive car audio equipment under Thedinger’s leadership. When the company split into two separate businesses, Thedinger took the 12v audio world to new levels, offering mainstream and premium company-produced subwoofers, amplifiers and speakers through the new CT Sounds line. The business has done nothing but grow under Coleman’s enthusiastic guidance to push boundaries further and further – a testament to the daily dedication that he has for the industry and his company (which can be seen in the video below).


While Thedinger’s age may surprise you (he’s now in his mid-20s), his passion and market knowledge should not. A business does not grow as quickly as CT Sounds has without a true dedication and passion for what you do, and that’s exactly what Thedinger brings to the table day in and day out. After working for a sound deadening material company and seeing a gap in the automotive audio industry, Thedinger set out to design, manufacture and sell quality audio components at a reasonable price to all corners of the 12v industry worldwide.

Achieving just that, Thedinger and team now work with hundreds of car and marine audio dealers showcasing, stocking, and creating new products for a better audio experience behind the wheel of some of the industry’s top vehicles. If you haven’t seen “CT Sounds” branded products in at least a dozen top builds from the SEMA ’14 show, from off-road racers to award-winning show cars, then you haven’t been paying attention.

What Coleman Thedinger has created is a top-tier industry leading company fueled by passion – something we’re quite proud to have as part of the Slam’d Mag family!

Check Out “A Day In The Life” With Coleman Thedinger HERE: