Catching up with a friend over a beer is always a good time. Catching up with a few mates, a bunch of beers and a roaring fire is a great time. But catching up with hundreds of mad minitruckers over cases of beer in front of a dozen fire-pits for a weekend of festivities, well that’s the time of your life and exactly what Halfway Havoc is all about! One weekend a year, the normally sleepy town of Macksville, NSW becomes the venue for mini truckers and customizers from all over Australia to camp, catch up, kick back, and party. Macksville is located roughly half way between Sydney and Brisbane on Australia’s east coast, explaining the “halfway” part of the shows title, and well, the “havoc” part speaks for itself. Australian minitruckers are quite a rowdy bunch, but it’s definitely all in good fun.

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All HWH attendees are encouraged to camp out at the Macksville Showgrounds, the venue for Saturday’s show and club events. Having everyone at one place means Friday night is usually spent wandering from campsite to campsite talking and drinking with old friends, and meeting new ones. This usually extends until the sun comes up, and a quick bacon and egg roll or two from the on-site food van run by the local Lyons Club helps to speed up the recovery before the entrants roll out onto the main oval for the show.

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Several trophies were up for grabs this year, while the crowd checked out the collection of rides on display, club games made for an entertaining distraction. With the show done, and club games run and won, the HWH crowd had a brief chance to catch their breath before the presentation fired up. A new addition to this year’s show was an indoor presentation, catered by Dinos mobile Pizza. The evening was a dress up night, and many that showed up put in a huge effort with their costumes and outfits, which really added to the party vibe and made for a fantastic time! Dinos served up entrees, a constant stream of hot fresh pizzas and ended with some amazing dessert pizzas, all while the trophy winners were presented with their custom bowling pin trophies.

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Throw in a chilli pizza eating challenge and some human 10-pin bowling and you’ll get an idea for how the rest of the presentation went. Saturday night was a little more subdued than Friday, but still claimed its fair share of victims. By around 3 a.m. all that could be heard around the Showgrounds was the hum of fan heaters from the tents of the well prepared. Sunday marked the end of the best HWH yet; great weather generated a great vibe, and the Ground Level crew is already busy planning a bigger and better show for 2016.

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Ground Level would like to thank the sponsors of this years show, and also a special “cheers” to the Sinister guys who made the trek up from Tassie and to ST for turning up en masse and supporting the show. As usual, no show runs smoothly without the efforts of the host club – all the GL guys really kicked ass again this year, with a special mention to Jason Luttrell and Nathan Hawkins for leading the charge in keeping things running smoothly and pushing fourth all the efforts.

Sponsors list: Az New Detailing, Drew, Far South Minitrucks, Twisted Garage, Sunday Funday, Severed Ties, Freaks of Nature, No Clearance, Downtime, Toast Graphics, Slam’d Mag, Fresh As Photography, Sinister, Forbidden Fantasy, Dino’s Pizza, Forbidden Arts, Ground Level

Award Winners: Best of Show; Avit “toasty” Chauhan, Top 5; Jess Power, Matt Hendler, Paul Buys, Tom Tatton, Jackson Healey, Best Campsite; Severed Ties, Under Construction; Zac Caville, Last Man Standing (10yrs of heh); Brendan Mates

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