Just when we though that the annual Lone Star Throwdown show could not possibly get any bigger OR better – boy were we wrong! Voted Slam’d Mag “Show of the Year” for 2015, they certainly had a lot to live up to for 2016. Never knowing exactly what the state of Texas has in store for us, we made the drive all the way from San Diego (roughly 53 hours round trip) to take part in one of the best all around events of the year.


 Photos: Sean French, Stetson BowermanMike Alexander | Words: Michael Phillips

The Lone Star State truly needs no introduction. Any attempt will fall short of appropriately representing the richly nuanced domain called Texas. The gem of ‘Merican culture and western dreams maintains the claim that everything is bigger and better, within its borders. Such a claim is hard to deny with shows like the LST continually crushing previous years’ numbers and continually bringing the heat. Quality stays high despite the massive show numbers (broke nearly 2,000 entrants this year before they had to close the gates).


Now, after several years of its upholding, LST remains true to its roots; which are in fact a desire to take shows at large, back to these roots. The Lone Star Throwdown holds to the simple formula of yesteryear – killer rides plus good people, equals the time of our lives. The goal of everyone involved with the coordination as well as those participating in LST, is to create a venue where people with similar passions can gather to enjoy what they love as a community.


LST features some of the world’s finest trucks, in the truck capital of the world. The majority of the entries are air suspension equipped, built to touch Mother Earth, however there are plenty of trucks meant to do quite the opposite and reach for the sky (check out our sister mag – Lift’d Trucks). LST boasts innumerable examples of dedicated craftsmanship and fabrication on display to be seen by thousands of enthusiasts that come from all over the US, with a few international visitors as well.


The depth with which LST participants are involved with their build process and showmanship is uncanny. There remains stylistic diversity and even some varied segments of the industry on display, but all are united in their desire to build the ultimate enjoyment machine, and to share it with those around them. It’s this exact kind of perspective surrounding hot-rodding and gear-heading that makes the diverse custom automotive scene so damn beautiful. The Slam’d crew is eternally grateful for the Lone Star Throwdown crew and entrants for their dedication to continue bettering the world that we all love and enjoy.


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