The SEMA YEN Vehicle Line-Up (Left to right: First-Gen Camaro Z28, 1991 Toyota Supra, 2015 Mustang, 2014 Nissan GTR, 2015 Ford Edge)



Chevy Performance Hotwheels Built 1969 Camaro

Photos & Words: Michael Phillips

Well, the time has finally come! After several months of planning and anticipation, the Hot Rod Magazine 2016 Power Tour is upon us. Every year the crew from Hot Rod and their many event sponsors make a multi-stop tour, smack-dab in the middle of the country. For 2016, HR Mag, Chevy Performance, and Continental Tires are making a three location pass through the south. The tour first begins in Gonzalez, Louisiana, then on to Oklahoma City, and finally Wichita, Kansas. During the tour, hundreds of home-built hot rods will caravan along with the tour train. Literally thousands will show up to the tour stops themselves. More then 3,000 vehicles were pre-registered for the Kick-off event in Louisiana. In addition to Hot Rod Magazine and the primary sponsors, a couple dozen supporting sponsors will accompany the entire tour in full force, with their best products and projects on display. The event as a whole is an absolute celebration of american muscle, hot-rod culture, and all things go-fast.

That may leave you wondering what in the world the Slam’d Mag team has to do with the Power tour? Well, lucky for us, SEMA has launched an absolutely excellent program, now knows as SEMA YEN. YEN (Young Entrepreneurs Network) centers around strengthening the numbers of freshman entrants to the aftermarket industry. As proud members and supporters of SEMA, we were ecstatic to jump on board with the YEN project. For the last couple years, SEMA YEN has hand selected ten individuals from the entire program, based on application review, to join the Power Tour as representatives of the SEMA YEN program. Their mission is a simple one, to strengthen relationships and network in the industry, to reach-out to students at various college stops on the tour route about potential career paths, and to really enjoy the hell out of the people and the Power Tour as a whole.


The Diode Dynamics, Air Lift Performance equipped 2015 Mustang Ecoboost


This year, I am extremely honored and grateful to have been selected by SEMA YEN to join the nine other members in our participation in the Power Tour. I’ll be snapping candid photos, digging up new Slam’d rides, meeting real enthusiasts with stories to tell, and getting to know our SEMA brothers and sisters in the industry. Please follow along with us, right here on Slam’d Mag, Facebook, and Instagram as we document the Power Tour and the wild adventures to come! The first official day of the tour kicks off tomorrow and I’m ecstatic at the prospects. Expect some unique and exciting content, headed your way from #teamslamd.

Stay Tuned and Stay SLAM’D!