Thundering sounds clatter down the track, sweat and summertime heavy in the air, the scent of excitement and expectation covers all. Now, are you at a drag strip or a horse track? In our case, the answer was yes. The sixth day of the Power Tour shenanigans took place at Remington Park, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The park is a staple in the city of thunder,  a casino and race track combo, harkening back to the golden, more wholesome days of gambling. The Power Tour force felt as at home at Remington as it had at COTA. One is set for the raw animalistic power of fine horses, the other prepped for machines we have built, whom’s power is still measured by the force of the same beasts.


Photos & Words: Michael Phillips

Our time in OKC was spent ducking the sun as much as possible, as it shown down through the heaviest air we had yet encountered. By this point in our grand journey, a Louisiana flash flood would have been a welcomed hitchhiker. However, as the weather’s conditions became steadily more unbearable, the community of the Power Tour became all the more comfortable. Long haulers had now spent several days on the road and posted up in close quarters with one another. New friendships as well as ones already established continued to enjoy one another’s company and more importantly one another’s rides.


Oklahoma city brought with it a number of brand new vehicles and even some new vendors to behold. Something about the change of state and the transition from south to mid-west brought with it a solid change of scenery. The original gang of long-suffering attendees still remained steadfast, but their enthusiasm and passion for the event and it hot rods’ was bolstered with the fresh excitement of new-coming participants.



Finally, after a long day of continued hunts for Young Enthusiasts and Executives, the YEN team retired to a nice easy cruise down the interstate to a local favorite, Braum’s for some well needed ice cream. We next venture off to my family’s original stomping grounds for over a hundred years, Kansas. We will be visited in Wichita by a troop of trade school students and will be visit the automotive dept. of Johnson County community college out last day of the tour, to continue of work in meeting and talking with the next generation if of industry members.


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SEMA YEN Power Tour Driver Profile: Zach Denney


Zach Denney, Texas native, is the president and owner of ECU Master USA. ECU Master USA is a manufacturer and distributer specializing in the design and sales of ultra grade engine control units for all tuning needs. Zach Denney’s career in the auto industry began in a high school shop class where he uncovered and development his talents for auto tech and engineering. Having studied engineering in college, Zach worked his way up through the industry paths, working in retail, auto shops, fabrication positions, etc. before settling on his current venture of designing, selling, and supporting ECU’s.

He has owned his 1991 Supra MKIII since high school and continued to build it, using it as not only a test mule for new products, but a platform for exciting developments. In its current state, it features CCW classics wrapped in meaty Toyo R888, a (really big) single turbo 2-JZ motor, and a Tremec TR6060 six speed trans from a 2012 Camaro. On its current tune, the Supra makes 550hp on 91 pump gas and nearly 900 on race fuel. Zach is a true enthusiast and extremely well versed engineer with automotive skills across the board. Other than paint, he has done all of the work on his car, over the several years he has owned it. Being an example of a self made success and entrepreneur in the industry makes Zach an excellent representative in the SEMA YEN.