2016 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, which recently won its class at the 2015 24 Hours of Nurburgring then promptly drove off the track to Turin to Como and displayed at Villa d’ Este.


1955 Porsche 550 Spyder; a proper racecar with a pedigree and history that recently earned the title of “The Most Significant Porsche Class Winner” in 2008 at Amelia Island.

With our extreme love for the low, loud, and sometimes quite different, our Slam’d scene tends to devote a good deal of passion towards the misfits of automotive society. We are out there to ensure there are cases of breathtakingly gorgeous sheets of metal stretched wide over expertly modified chassis, doused in gallons of pearlescent paint, all slung just inches above the pavement for your daily viewing pleasure. However, for every nigh-perfect Continental or Coupe De Ville, exists at least two Toyota Tacomas throwing sparks down the freeway in a manner which most people would not be caught dead doing, at which we smile with equally fervent reverence. Despite out unique tastes and “High Class, Lowlifes” monicker, by which we stand firmly, even we prefer the scent of some high class and high livin’ from time to time.


The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering

In the world realm of automotive enthusiasm, there are many stages and many genres to suit our personal preferences and checkbooks. There also exists plenty of enthusiasts who can’t always crossover the two; those who love what they cannot afford as well as those who can afford far more than which they love. There exists a number of widely desirable cars for many types of enthusiasts from the 5-10K dollar range and as price goes up, the pool of available models seems to shrink down. Many of us assume that Ferrari and Lamborghini models, are the upper-echelon of car enthusiasm, however there exists a step much higher, or perhaps deeper, depending on your view of the matter. For the ultimate consumer or collector, privy to the highest of price ranges, exists the world of classic collector cars, in particular those of european production (which we’ve included a few samples).


1957 Lancia Aurelia B20 ‘Outlaw’ Coupe, a modified take on the legendary race car that won its class at the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans by a full lap and finished second overall in the Mille Miglia.



1966 Lola Mk2 T70 Can-Am, which left the London factory as a roadster in 1966, but can now be seen as a modified coupe in vintage races across the United States.

The Quail, a Motorsports Gallery is an exclusive and elusive event geared to match this exact, ultra elite sub-genre, with even more specitivity towards bespoke collector cars bred with racing heritage and/or pedigree. Almost every single one of the cars on display at “The Quail” is capable of fetching, with ease, seven figures in multiples. The displayed vehicles unique histories, combined with their heralded design and manufacturers, and their ultra exclusivity are what drive their values skyward.


The Quail is aa carefully curated gallery of some of the finest collector sports cars in the world. For enthusiasts of any genre in the industry, this is a truly exciting and intriguing event, one which brings life and importance into the broader world of custom cars and trucks that we love so much. Be sure to visit The Quail’s website to learn more about the event, including where and when it takes place.


1934 Packard Chassis Coachbuilt Body, owned by Metallica frontman, James Hetfield, this lift-off hardtop roadster is built with a sinister elegance.