Photos & Words: Michael Phillips


Stancenation is one of the most infamous names in modern car culture. Since 2010, the collective has celebrated some of the most audacious rides on the planet. Citizens of Stancenation are united by their love for an aggressive wheel, tire, and suspension setup. Despite the constantly changing trends, there has been a signular formula to the Stancenation recipe: Form > Function.

The worldwide Stancenation shows have become the stuff of legends. Despite their open-ended appreciation of all genres, the show typically draws consistent styles. The vast majority of the participating builds hail from the Land of the Rising Sun. The heavy JDM influence is peppered with modern muscle, euro, exotics, and classics. From each genre, multiple sub-styles are present. Track-inspired, resto-mod, and VIP builds line the show rows. A very important and consistent quality of cleanliness is always present at Stancenation events.

This year’s SoCal show was held at the Anaheim convention center and attracted the very best of the west. With a dominant VIP presence, hall E of the convention center held hundreds of high-level vehicles. Multiple car clubs attended, including the highly respect NVüS collection of sport compacts. The minimal vendors and intimacy of the indoor setting made for an excellent environment for enthusiasts to enjoy the show.

Stancenation represents an important facet of customs culture at large. Having only existed for the past seven years, much of Stancenation participation comes by way of the next generation. Their presence in their digital space and social media realm make Stancenation extremely relevant and accessible to a new wave of car-lovers. Many enthusiasts are discovering the culture for themselves, rather than carrying on generational traditions. Stancenation provides a gateway for future builders and owners.

#TeamSlamd will always be committed to celebrating the traditions of custom culture, setting new goals and trends of our own, and passing the baton to future builders. Many thanks to Stancenation for putting on another killer event!

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