Photos & Words: Michael Phillips

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 marks the official beginning of the 51st annual SEMA Show. While some attendees arrive as early as a week in advance, the show begins now. The final adjustments often keep exhibitors awake the night. But the payoff is certainly worth their efforts. Tens of thousands of industry members are here to connect with one another and explore the industry’s newest developments.

The sheer size of the SEMA Show can be overwhelming. With thousands of individual booths and vehicles on display, even the most seasoned attendees can be get lost in the automotive sea. Most builds on display at SEMA Show built and finished with excellence. However, the massive size can make room for some less-than-impressive specimens.

In the seemingly endless display of machines, details separate the best from the rest. The fine-tuned aspects and often unnoticed details are distinguishing marks. To the experienced eye, the very soul of a builder is on display in their work.

So much of the industry continues to be spirited on by the passionate builders. This passion is evident at SEMA Show, where the highest quality customs come to strut. Every major genre of automotive enthusiasm can find its representative at SEMA Show. Even within the various genres, sub-styles and niche build can be found in plenty.

Each year we at #TeamSlamd are blown away by the amount of work that builders put into exceeding what has been built before. For lovers of low, such as ourselves, the rides seem to keep getting lower. New techniques are developed, new territory explored, as builders evolve in their craft. As we make our way around the show each day, we absolutely love finding the passion that fuels these customs. At Slam’d Mag we will always put passion first and want to continue sharing the stories of those who do the same!


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