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Our 2014 Southern Wörthersee event coverage video (above) is brought to you by Grinder TV and the event coverage photos were shot by Slam’d Mag contributor Alex Dooley. This year marked the eighth year for one of the most highly anticipated Euro Shows in the US. Southern Wörthersee is held annually in the small German themed Bavarian style mountain village of Helen, Georgia – and while the show dates only span the three days during the weekend, it’s fairly well known that SoWo really starts at the beginning of the week and is a week long automotive haven.


Seeing people drive from far and wide to be at this event, showing up days in advance to try and experience the whole thing is astounding to say the least. The town of Helen is small, but the city support of this event is off the chain! It still amazes us that you’re able to walk down the street and see some of the nation’s top quality cars being driven around every corner, and with “Main Street” shut down for the weekend’s events there is so much to see and do!


SoWo combines all of the best elements and rolls them into a one-of-a-kind show: cruisin’, showing, events, games, and a great family environment (unless you’re at some of the wild after parties, which are equally amazing). But one thing that stands out above all is the high-quality vehicles in attendance. Every time you turn around there is a different car that catches your attention. The small quaint town blows up with energy all week long, and a little burnt rubber surely all adds up to the reason why SoWo gets hyped up as the “Euro Show of the Year.”


Event Name: Southern Wörthersee
 May 16-18, 2014
   Location: Helen, Georgia


This is less of a car show and more of a gathering for those who have a real passion for what they build and drive. We had the best time there just talking to the people behind the builds and learning the history of what they brought out to the show, although ogling over the gorgeous machines does take a close second. When you show up at a show for the first time and everyone there is a friend you just haven’t met yet – well, that’s what this culture is all about and Slam’d can certainly relate! For more info on SoWo and details for the next event make sure to check them out at Southern Wörthersee (also listed in the Event Detail Box above). Make sure to book early as this event tends to fill up quick – and we’ll definitely see you out there next year!


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