From slamming your ride to the ground for shows to lifting it to streetable height for cruises around town, if you have a custom air suspension on your custom, you rely heavily on your air compressors every time you take your ride out. That’s why, you want to fit your vehicle with fast-filling, reliable units that not only perform great, but look fantastic to boot. VIAIR is the industry leader in the automotive arena and beyond and is proud to serve as the largest portable compressor supplier in the world.

New Product: VIAIR offers Dual Pack of 444c Compressors in New Stealth Black finish

viair_air_compressor_pack_2VIAIR is proud to introduce their new finish option for the 444c dual pack of award winning air compressors in a new finish. Included in the package are two Stealth Black 444C compressors and all the components, from hoses to brackets, that you will need to assemble and use your new units in your slammed ride. Featuring newly-developed, patent-pending intercooler heads, stainless steel braided leader hoses and inline check valve assemblies, these Stealth Black compressors will not only maintain a lower operating temperature while slamming and lifting your ride to streetable levels, they’ll also be protected against high-amperage restarts giving you a compressor that works better and has a longer life than the competition. Plus, with quick tank fill rates, ranging from just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you can manipulate your vehicle’s ride height over and over again without delay in performance. This Stealth Black VIAIR 444c compressor pack is only available in limited quantities, so be sure to pick yours up soon, before they’re sold out!

• Head assembly includes patent-pending, intercooler head
• Equipped with a stainless-steel braided leader hose with inline check valve
• Permanent magnetic motor
• Max working pressure of 200 PSI
• Max amp draw of 40 Amps
• Zero to 200 PSI in 2 minutes 30 seconds for 2.5-gallon tank

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