OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is it that makes a truck stand out from the crowd? Modifications like bodydrops, shaving, crazy cantilever air suspension set-ups sitting on big wheels and wild paint? All these are all well and good and very much a big part of the custom truck scene but sometimes you come across a vehicle that is already special without having even been touched. This is why we would like to introduce “Mercy” to our loyal Slam’d Mag readers, a very special feature truck all the way from Alberta, Canada.


Now obviously this truck has been “touched” in many ways but it’s not too often that we see a Mercury truck cruising the streets much less one sitting a lot more vertically challenged than its brothers when they first came off the production line. Some examples have certainly come to light over the past 10 to 20 years but they are certainly not as prevalent as their Ford Motor Company relatives are. This was due to an interesting situation between Canada and the US whereby Canada was worried about the US selling Ford units in Canada without them getting a piece of the pie tax wise. So as an agreement, Ford re-branded the early F-Series trucks primarily for sale in Canada and created an assembly line in Oakville, Ontario. This ensured production numbers stayed up whilst keeping their northern friends happy. The Mercury M-Series pickup truck was produced between 1946 and 1968 with our particular feature example being a 1957 Mercury M100.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome slight changes between the Ford and Mercury models were made as with most parent companies in today’s current market. The rear tailgate was stamped with the Mercury designation along with smaller detail touches like Horn buttons, trim and grille combos. The fact that less Mercury units were produced and ultimately sold makes these small intricacies a collector’s paradise and as mentioned before a fairly rare sight to see in driving condition.

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Alright, enough with the history lesson, Dustin Ward’s Merc truck first caught our attention on the way to Battle At The Bridge (full show coverage HERE) held in Canada last month, cruising down the highway sitting at the perfect ride height and framed by a beautiful Alberta summer’s day. Later while capturing our show coverage we met up with Dustin to hear his story and find out more about his perfectly executed pick-Up build. Dustin originally picked up the truck from a farmyard at the age of 16 for a mere $700 and it has been under construction for the past five years, only being “finished” about three months ago, so you get to see it here first!

M100-16Beginning with a frame-off build from the start allowed Dustin to make a few major upgrades that definitely bring this beauty into the 21st century. Willwood disc brakes all round, a No-Limit front clip, custom 4-Link, complete Dakota Digital instrumentation and a mild 5L Ford engine out of a T-Bird were just some of the mods made from the get-go. Of course the air suspension and perfect wheel/tire combo finish off the mild look of the beaut quite properly! Following in his Father’s footsteps and with previous builds such as a ’79 C10 and an ’83 VW Jetta, Dustin certainly rose to the challenge when it came to resurrecting this relic. “She’s far from finished” Dustin says though, with dreams of a new Coyote 5.0 sitting under the hood and perhaps an even lower stance are still on the cards for “Mercy” in the future. At the moment the Merc is daily driven and serves as a showcase to his glass etching skills (Ward Works) “I’m on the hunt for a vintage trailer to tow as well and I’m looking forward to many adventures behind the wheel in the future” Dustin adds. We can’t wait to see what comes next for “Mercy” and we’ll be at the ready to share it with you first!

Slam’d Specs

15×7 Cragar Astro Supremes
BFG Silverton’s from Coker Tire
Wilwood Disc brakes

1993 SOHO out of a Supercoupe T-bird
Fuel injected
4-speed auto
Painless wiring

No Limit front clip
Custom 4-link
Ridetech Shockwaves
Currie 9-inch
Gas tank relocated

Dakota Digital gauges
Lokar shifter
Flaming River column
Billet Specialties steering wheel
Stereo – iPod & headphones (haha)
Custom etched side windows by owner (Ward Works)

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