Chevy-13When it comes to styles on classic car builds we all know terms like hot rod, rat rod, lowrider and resto (albeit, everyone has their own definition for each) but one genre that seems to be picking up steam again is the “bomb” style build. For those who haven’t heard of or seen a correctly styled “bomb” – it’s basically the a build and style that instead of changing the original lines of the car that rolled off of the assembly lines in the ’40s and ’50s, enthusiasts instead nurture the voluptuous curves and regal chrome trimmings by exemplifying these factory additions and adding period correct accessories while of course slamming them low to the ground. So as you can tell, the “bomb” definitely has a home here amongst fellow Slam’d rides and styles from around the globe.

Chevy-07Chevy-18Chevy-01 Photos: Joshua Coleman | Words: Josh Wilson

To the untrained eye some would jump to the conclusion and think that this beautiful machine was just a restored 1953 Chevy slammed to the pavement, but this is where the true enthusiast will notice what the owner has truly created a work of art with plenty of attention to detail to retain the factory look while still modifying it to fit his personal tastes. The bomb styling is based off of the pre-1955 classic chassis, which have managed to be a mainstay in the automotive scene due to their beautiful bodylines that feature both simplicity and a bold statement of status. After recreating that vintage look, owners like Russell Perea, add precise details like bumper guards, visors, fog lights and other iconic touches that make these cars standout like they were modified that way nearly fifty years ago. When you walk around this fine specimen, you will notice something new with each passing, pointing out all of the subtle touches that make this classic the perfect bomb style beauty.

Originally Russ set out to recreate the look of his ’53 Chevy going with more of a “custom” direction by way of chopping it with frenched headlights and custom taillights, etc. but he quickly changed his mind after getting such a perfectly original car in his possession. Right away, he decided there was only one way to build this Chevy, and since it was an original and unmolested numbers matching car in such pristine condition, the restoration began and Russ was on the hunt for the right details to complete the look. Russ will be the first to admit he is no car builder, so he enlisted the assistance of his close friends and fellow club members of the Bombardiers Car Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico to help him create the Bomb he had envisioned. The first step was getting the 60-year-old Chev road worthy which entailed rebuilding the tired drivetrain to handle the many long road trips ahead.

Chevy-08Chevy-04Chevy-09Most would have instantly looked for a beefy V-8 to drop in the vast engine bay that the ’53 was born with, but instead Russ took the original 235 straight six and gave it a new lease on life with a fresh rebuild. The engine was built to stock specs with only a slight upgrade in the way of a more “bomb” appropriate exhaust system. The only reason Russ decided to change it up in this area was to give his sedan a tougher sound with the help of a pair of 18-inch glass-packs with full 2.5-inch piping all the way back. Once his Chevy was back on the pavement, it was time to turn his attention to what was surrounding the rebuilt heart of his Bomb. First up was paint, which was perfected by Gomez Paint and Body who laid down the bold Summer Mist on the curves of this classic and finished it off with a Pearl White top. The end result was a look that honored the classic feel but at the same time infused an eye-popping color that showcases what Russ has managed to create.

After the fresh new skin covered the Chevy’s thick metal body, it was time to perfect the Bomb styling by installing all new chrome throughout the car with high-quality accessories to make his sedan drop-dead-gorgeous. After the proper period-correct accessories made their way onto the car, Russ enlisted Joey Deny and El Roy to lay down some pin striping that added that last little voilà touch to the exterior. Coker Classic tires rest under Russ’s sled wrapped around revived OEM wheels keeping it resto-bomb style with a slight altitude adjustment. With the wide-whites on the car, it was time to get them tucked nicely under those enormous wheel arches. With the help of PJ’s Classic Stop, this ’53 Chevy got a full Ride Tech air-ride suspension which required some slight modifications to get the stance they were after, but shhhh, Russ’ secret is safe with us and we’ll still say this is an “unmolested” numbers matching 1953.


Even with a build as beautiful as this, Russ still makes it a point to drive this Chevy every chance he gets as he’s a strong believer that cars are meant to be driven and not to be kept locked up in a garage. This is a belief that will hopefully continue to spread as we see more and more elegant cars on the road more frequently, instead of being garage and trailer queens. So let’s all take Russ’ lead by grabbing our keys and hitting the open road whether it’s on a weekend road-trip or just a quick jaunt to the store with the fam. Until then, just stay Slam’d, and we’ll see you out there!


Slam’d Specs

Vehicle: 1953 Chevy Deluxe
Club: Bombardiers Car Club

Factory restored wheels wrapped with Coker Classics

Complete air ride front and rear
Fabrication by Pj’s Classic One Stop
Air bags and suspension components by Ride Tech

Body work was done by Sid at Killroy’s Hot Rods and Kustoms
Continental kit added in rear
All trim restored and tripple chromed
Flame throwers
Paint Colors – Summer Mist / Pearl white top
Paint By Gomez Paint and Body
Pinstriping by Joey Demny and El Roy

A lot of small details were done to keep the interior as original as possible
Hidden Alpine headunit and speakers

This is numbers matching original 235 straight 6
So again, everything was restored to original condition to maintain the factory look
18-inch glass packs with a 2.5-inch pipe all the way back
Flame throwers

Special Thanks from Owner:
“Thanks to my wonderful Wife Stephany, The Bombardiers Car Club, Pj’s Classic Stop, Killroy’s Kustoms, Gomez Paint and body and Bernalillo Tire for all of the help and support with this build.”

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