UPDATE: After following up with the SEMA Action Network a few days after we ran this news piece, we were relieved to find out that the following bill, which had been approved by the legislature and was just waiting to be enacted into law, was vetoed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. In his veto, Governor Sandoval cited opposition to the bill by both SEMA and the SEMA Action Network, stating that the bill “unnecessarily penalizes true Nevada car enthusiasts who might seek one of these plates for proper reasons.”

Moving forward, the SEMA Action Network will be working with the Nevada Legislature to come up with fair legislation that targets those individuals who abuse the ability to get collector plates for their vehicles only to avoid emissions testing and fees, rather than the those who truly own collector vehicles.

As many of you know, there is constantly legislation being introduced that could affect the automotive hobby, whether you’re into hot rods, minitrucks, euros, or Slam’d customs of all types. Some of these bills are meant to be beneficial to the hobby, but unfortunately, many of them threaten to hinder the rights of automotive enthusiasts and custom car owners here in the states.

Keeping an eye on all of these legislative actions in our government is the SEMA Action Netwok (SAN), which rallies for the hobby on a daily basis, informing hobby vehicle owners of what’s going on and working with legislators and hobbyists alike to keep the automotive industry both enjoyable and profitable for those who make it their career. One bill that SAN has been fighting for some time now involves the restriction of hobby vehicle registration in Nevada.This bill, which aims to limit collector registration requirements to vehicles no newer than 1996 from here on out and remove beneficial changes to the depreciation schedule for governmental service taxes will undoubtedly affect a vast majority of classic vehicle owners in the great state of Nevada – and the home of the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas.


If signed into law by the governor of Nevada, no hobby vehicle owner would be able to register their vehicle as a collector vehicle in the future if it wasn’t manufactured before 1996, making vehicles ineligible for special registration in the state, as well as not being able to get the benefits that vehicles currently registered as special hobby vehicles receive. Also, if signed into law, the bill would cause all vehicles to be valued at 10-percent less than currently valued for service tax purposes.

The devastating bill has passed the Assembly and the Senate and has moved on for a signature from Nevada’s governor. It is important as members of the automotive community that we remain vigilant and stand up for our rights as automotive enthusiasts and custom vehicle owners. For specific ways to make your voice heard on this issue, please see SAN’s press release HERE and be sure to join SAN (it’s free!) for updates on other legislative actions that could affect our beloved hobby.