We’ve brought you A TON of custom truck action from down under, but if there’s one show in Australia that attracts the finest quality custom hot rods, classics, late-model and all types of high-end vehicle builds from around the country, it’s definitely Meguiar’s MotorEx. This year doubling it’s footprint at Sydney’s Olympic Park to 50,000sq meters to fit the 450 hand picked entrants, and more than 100 company booths really helped to give this show the breathing room that it deserves.

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As we wondered towards the entry gates on Saturday morning we were met with a massive crowd waiting in line, trying to catch a glimpse of the pristine rides that lay beyond. Once we were through the gates the street was lined with road-worthy customs, a new trade pavilion reminiscent of SEMA on the left, and on the right, “The Dome” which was packed full of a fresh selection of hot hods, street machines, customs and classics all waiting in anticipation for us to admire.

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The guest of honor for MotorEx 2015 was none other than the custom car king and Hollywood movie car legend, George Barris (RIP). To ensure he felt quite welcome, a collection of 30 TV and movie cars were on display, including some very iconic originals, the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, General Lee from the 2005 Dukes of Hazard, Herbie the Love Bug from Herbie goes to Monte Carlo and the Dodge Monaco police car from Blues Brothers. Amongst the originals were devoted replicas featuring two 60s Batmobiles, Mad Max Interceptor, Mad Max MFP Pursuit Special, Bullitt Mustang, Eleanor (2000-version), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Munster Koach and the Munsters Drag-U-La.

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Amongst the celebrities at MotorEx was the head of Liberty Walk/LB Performance, Mr. Wataru Kato onsite to accompany their display of exotic builds. And the car cult artist, Max Grundy was also on hand selling his limited artworks and sharing a friendly chat with keen customers. The Laurie Starling Excellence Award was a new addition for 2015 and was introduced to ensure that the memory and legacy of this promising custom car builder will live on. The inaugural winner was Mal Apps with his sensational FC Holden – definitely a deserving and popular win, as Mal’s FC embodied the attributes advocated by Laurie, such as engineering and driveability.

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MotorEx 2015 was a top weekend with so many new vehicles on display, exhibiting truly outstanding craftsmanship and innovation across all levels of entrants. It was certainly a highlight in Meguiar’s 25th year down under. All said and done, 26,742 spectators made for a record attendance over the weekend, with 75 awards distributed amongst the elite entrants, who shared a poole of $100,000 AUD in prize money. Some of the awards included; Michael Ellard’s 1992 Holden Rodeo who took Street Elite Showcase Award, Pinnacle Award, Engineering Bronze, and the Design & Execution Silver. Glen Profilio’s 2015 Holden FC Ute built by Down Town Kustoms took home Bodywork Bronze, Engine Bay Gold, Engineering Gold, and Design & Execution Gold for top honors. Wrapping up the weekend the the Negative Camber crew hosted a reunion for Laurie Starling’s Memorial, Tito’s 4th anniversary of passing the same week, and a combined NC/ST “brotherhood” dinner on Saturday night, which was bitter sweet reminiscing the memories and impact these guys had on our scene.

All in all in amazing experience and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

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