Driven is a perfectly fitting double entendre to describe Time Attack champ and all around badass, Cody Miles. Cody is a sort of racetrack pioneer, mapping new territories of motorsports by piloting his 2007 Subaru WRX STI to new heights – and LOWS. The JDM superstar however, with its deep rally roots, is no stranger to racing. So what is it that sets Cody’s home-built track weapon apart from most? That would be its lack of static coil suspension. Cody’s love of automotive freedom extends to his pride and joy Subaru STI. That’s right, this iconic AWD track machine is equipped with a fully tuned Air Lift Performance suspension setup.

Photos: Mike Alexander | Words: Michael Phillips | Video: David Apodaca

Yes, this real-life racecar is airbagged. With a combination of functionally aggressive styling, quality Air Lift Performance goodies, and an exceptionally skillful and dialed driver, the STI makes its way around the track much faster than most and looks damn good doing it. The ALP kit allows for up to four inches of drop, right out of the box and requires no modification to be bolted in place of traditional struts or coilovers. In addition to the 30-level adjustable dampening bag-over-struts, Cody’s build uses the new state-of-the-art Air Lift Performance 3H management system. The 3H allows for on-the-fly height adjustments at the touch of a button, or by use of a smartphone with built-in bluetooth FREE app download.

The STI’s ‘bags are fed by a single tank mounted securely in the trunk along with a Viair 400 compressor. A small army of upgraded bushings and chassis bracing do their part in completing the suspension and handling formula. The ultra rigid configuration allows Cody to keep the power on the ground. This is the most vital portion of the winning recipe as the motor makes roughly 500hp and 500 ft-lbs. of torque at all four wheels. Cody’s custom build opts for an upgraded Borg Warner turbo in place of the factory one and forged internals in order to produce its exceptional power figures.

Despite his relatively new career in the Time Attack series, Miles is anything but a stranger to gasoline-fueled competition. Growing up in the saddle of a dirt bike, he has continued to pursue building bigger, faster machines to achieve speed-induced Nirvana. His 07’ STI began as a simple daily driver with serious race car aspirations. The more he continued to pour his heart, soul, and cold hard cash into his project, the more it began to take the form of a mirror, revealing its owner’s characteristics and acting as an extension of Cody himself.

Having been enamored with the potential of a ‘bagged setup early on, Cody explored the complete line of Air Lift Performance products. The idea of running hard on the track, tucking tires in the parking lot, and not having to make a 9-point turn into a driveway sounded more than appealing. After deciding to give it a shot, Cody hasn’t looked back since. His build has continued to evolve and extend into deeper regions of awesome. Despite its extremely mean exterior, aided by daunting aero, widened fenders, and heralding exhaust noises, the Subaru still remains a functional street car. With a half-cage and full front interior, the WRX is perfectly at home on the highway and regularly clocks non-track miles.

Cody has used his track/street hybrid to the very limits of perceived potential and apparently still has plenty in the tank. His very first year of time attack competition, he won the 2015 Redline Time Attack championship and did so in decisive fashion. Dominating the Street Limited AWD class, Miles has continued to show his skill on the track, as well as proving every last naysayer wrong in regards to the performance application of air suspension. This past season, Cody has not only held onto his Redline crown for back to back championships, but won a second in the professional series, Global Time Attack and earned an undefeated record for 2016. Though his performances have been limited to the Street AWD class, Miles has handidly defeated some of the most competitive Unlimited and Track-only cars in the series. Perhaps his most impressive feat however, has been shattering the Road Atlanta track time record by three seconds on his first attempt at the circuit.

Despite his stacked list of victories or ever increasing infamy, what sets Cody and his car apart most importantly, is his unwavering and humbling commitment to himself. What does that mean? Well, here is a relative newcomer to the world of time attack; someone who began with basic modifications to their daily-driver in order to enjoy competition. Yet his humble circumstances did not keep him from building his Subaru, his way. He wanted to go fast and live the Slam’d life at the same time, so he did. He ‘bagged his racecar; and in doing so became the first in the world to not only be competitive in top-tier time attack series on airride, but to dominate his way to decisive back-to-back victories. His sense of individuality and confidence is every bit as undefeated as his race record. As he continue to progress, accomplishing even loftier goals, Cody has not only built his car on ‘bags, but has built his life on air!

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