Membrane by Restomod Air is the only true thermal insulator, sound dampening combination material. The need for a such a combination has become increasingly desperate amongst custom builders. While some solutions have offered either sound deadening, or some level of insulation, no product until now has combined them for an evening dampening and insulation that is impervious to outside element.s

Full coverage insulation and dampening are the focus of Membrane. As opposed to flimsy and frustrating add-on “liners”, Membrane is a true fortification between your vehicle’s cabin and the outside world.

Membrane’s four-layer material is like nothing else found on the market. Layer one is .05mm thick foil for durability, layer two is a 3mm thick closed cell insulation foam rubber for thermal protection, layer three is another .05mm thick foil layer for structural integrity, and layer four is a 2mm thick butyl layer for sound dampening.

The 2 in 1 design of Membrane works by preventing unwanted temperature fluctuation and noise interference from outside the cabin. No other product offers such a solution. Membrane by Restomod Air is the only true thermal barrier and sound dampening material available. Before you go buying insulation think about installation prices as well, for this reason you may want to check local prices so you can find the best deal you’re going to get.

Installing Membrane is very simple: measure, cut, and peel to apply to your vehicle. Membrane conforms to all the curves and angles your of your ride, without odors, mess, or difficulties associated with lesser products. Each box of Membrane contains 9 sheets, each measuring 31.5 x 18-inch for maximum cabin coverage.

Combining Membrane with your current Restomod Air system massively enhances the cooling experience of your ride. By maximizing the efficiency of your AC system, Membrane keeps you just as cool as your custom. But before buying any insulation, you should consider using an R Value guide to measure the materials thermal resistance so you make sure you’re getting the best possible insulation.

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