Not even a week has passed since the close of SEMA 2017 and we already have the itch for 2018! Once again #TeamSlamd was blown away by the creativity and energy of the annual SEMA Show. The constant evolution of the custom scene continues to fuel the calculated madness of passionate builders.

It’s extremely rewarding to see the huge number of Slam’d trucks, classics, and rods at SEMA each and every year. Equally satisfying is seeing the ever-growing number of late model and new school builds taking on the Slam’d style. SEMA 2017 was larger than 2016, and by all accounts, 2018 will be even bigger! Our industry is at an all-time high and doing its best to capitalize on the increasing enthusiasm from around the world.

Photos & Words: Michael Phillips

Many friends and family members of #TeamSlamd had a special show at SEMA 2017. Long-time builders became first-time exhibitors. Long-time enthusiasts became first time builders, and so on. The exciting developments in our community were combined continuation of long-standing traditions.

The constant developments showcased in the builds and products at SEMA translate to tangible changes in the industry. Whether you are an old school member of the mini trucks scene or a part of the Slam’d euro crowd, or any other genre, SEMA means inspiration for your respective community. From a broader perspective, it means the same things for all automotive lovers.

The world of motors is rapidly changing. Fuel and emissions limitations are placing restrictions on enthusiasts as fast as they can. Nevertheless, gear-heads, wrenchers, and fabricators alike are finding ways around them and employing creative solutions never before seen. The predictable growth of SEMA means the predictable growth of all things custom. We couldn’t’ be more optimistic about the future.

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