The Mooneyes Xmas celebrations have been a staple in the So-Cal customs scene for the better part of a century. Each year the iconic genres associated with the West Coast arrive droves at the Irwindale Speedway. The racetrack provides the pavement necessary for the celebration of all things custom. Also included In the venue is an operational 1/8th-mile track to help kick the competition in gear. Racers from around the state do their best to burn rubber down the straights. Those more accustomed to a slower pace set the parking lot on fire with their customs.

Words: Michael Phillips | Photos:

Trucks, hot-rods, choppers, vans, classics, rat rods, and everything in between line the asphalt aisles. Their various owners and clubs spend the day sharing their common passion. A unique aspect of the Mooneyes show is its knack for uniting multiple generations of builders and enthusiasts. The old and young alike, the original greasers and those with an appreciation of the lifestyle, join in the celebration of customs culture. Members from every background are more than welcome.

In addition to the congregation of some of the state’s finest classics, the event boasts a myriad of festivities. Live music, industry vendors, pinup contests, and more take place at the show. Despite its affinity for attendees of all ages, a unique effect seems to occur at Mooneyes. The present seems to fade away and the simpler times of customs culture creep back into reality. Everywhere you look sits a fifty-something chevy, just inches above the ground. Proudly displayed in every rear window is a chromed-out family crest. Decades of heritage and passion rush over the participants. The thunder of the race track drowns out the real-world’s nonsense.

Mooneyes is more than a show, it’s more than a tradition. Mooneyes is a time machine that leads its visitors to the glory of yesteryears. Every member of customs culture owes so much to the hands of previous generations. The ones that paved the way for customs culture and passed it down to us when we were young. As long as the industry continues to celebrate its heritage, it can be confident in its future. From #TeamSlamd we thank everyone who participates in events like Mooneyes Show & Drag. We’ll catch you at the next!

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