For custom truck enthusiasts around the world, Slamboree marks an epic gathering where badass builds and their owners converge annually to show off their latest and greatest creations. The Slamboree show held in Shawnee Oklahoma is put on with pure passion and it shows throughout. Each year it parks at the The Grand Casino Hotel & Resort in Shawnee, OK and is sponsored and attended by some of the most supportive companies in the industry. Including Phat Phabz, Mad Gear, FLO Airride Mfg., American Racing, Kicker Audio, and more.

Photos: Avit “Toasty” Chauhan & Mike Alexander | Words: Michael Phillips

Together the community of custom builders and owners gather to celebrate their shared passion. The show boasts representatives from multiple genres but it is best known for its display of notable Slam’d trucks and hot rods. Elite builds from the Midwest and beyond scatter the show rows in a sea of endless billet and wild paint. Without a doubt, a handful of the finest quality rides gather at Slamboree, especially this year with a very special celebration taking place.

2017 marked a particularly special year for Slamboree. For one, it was the largest show yet, by a long shot. It also served as the gathering place for the world famous Severed Ties club to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Notoriously, Severed Ties unites some of the lowest and most exceptional builds in the custom automotive industry. Their 25th SILVER anniversary certainly upheld that reputation as members exhibited their exquisite rides in the hundreds, raising the bar and making quite a statement.

Nothing brings out the best like a bit of friendly competition. For this reason, several elite crews in the scene also showed up in force to celebrate with their closest brothers and sisters. While specific clubs take the opportunity to display their club-pride, all members of the community are welcome. Every man, woman, and child with a love for customs shares the show experience equally at the family style event where all are welcome.

In addition to the massive showing of trucks, Slamboree provides and fantastic showing of custom cars and motorcycles. The electricity from the sheer number of high-level rides was definitely something to behold and well worth the 23hour drive one way from SoCal. The outdoor atmosphere and summertime heat of the Midwest made for instant nostalgia. Each member of the customs community, Severed Ties, and #TeamSlamd is continually grateful for kick-ass shows like Slamboree and the welcoming family and friends who put in the thankless work to make it happen. We can’t wait to celebrate at 2018’s show this August. See you there!

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