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mountsNew Product: Air Lift Performance Offers New Compressor Isolation Brackets for a Buzz-Free Air Setup

If you run a compressor on your low-slung ride, you know just how noisy they can be. But with Air Lift Performance’s new Compressor Isolation Brackets you can cut down on compressor noise so much that you’ll probably forget they are there! Compatible with Viair 380, 400, 444, 450 and 480 models, no matter how big your compressor, Air Lift can keep it quiet. Easy to install, the Compressor Isolation Brackets use specifically engineered, spring loaded rubber mounts to secure your compressor to your ride, drastically reducing the vibration of the unit and significantly cutting down on vibration noise. All you have to do is mount the brackets on your compressor and then install to your vehicle with some using nitrogen air compressor for their tires. And, best of all, the vibration absorption helps reduce wear and tear, and can help increase the longevity of your compressors.

• Compatible with Viair 380, 400, 444, 450 and 480 compressor models
• Bolt pattern matches Viair mounts so you can easily upgrade your current setup without drilling new holes
• High-quality construction, powdercoat finish
• Spring loaded rubber mounts drastically reduce compressor vibration
• Significantly reduces vibration noise for quieter compressor operation

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