If you’re looking for a superior way to experience your music rather than just listen to it, CT Sounds is a great option for you. Since the company’s inception, CT Sounds has been dedicated to providing high-quality audio components as well as specializing in customer satisfaction. To this day, their mission holds true and can be seen in every new product CT Sounds releases.

New Product: New CT Sounds V3.0 Meso Series Subwoofer Available This Summer

With CT Sounds’ passion for innovation and continually producing new and improved audio components, they’ve helped countless individuals experience car audio in a whole new light. One of their most popular products on the market is the Meso Series subwoofer, which just got a complete makeover for 2015. This high-end subwoofer series offers superior longevity with the component’s ability to hit the lowest of low bass notes in any genre of music, as well as a sleek and stylish look that will blend in flawlessly with any custom build. If you ever get the chance to try this, check out these songs with good bass.

ct_sounds_mesoNot only does this subwoofer offer another great size choice to complete your Slam’d rig’s sound system, but it features some seriously upgraded technology to keep those low notes bumping for years to come! Available for pre-order now, be sure to be the first to get the latest and greatest from CT Sounds this summer!

• Sleek new look
• Sizes from 8-inch to 18-inch
• 3-inch voice coil
• 220mm diameter triple stacked magnet
• Heavy duty 4-spoke aluminum basket
• Extra cooling holes on the back plate
• Upgraded surround to allow more excursion

Company Contact:
CT Sounds
(832) 610-2040