Laid Out At The Lake is New Zealand’s little slice of the worldwide minitruck scene and is the only minitruck and customs show held annually on the island. This go round was the fifth year of the event, and while it doesn’t pull the huge 1,000 vehicle counts like our friends in the states, for a small population island with some of the strictest vehicle modification laws – we go alright and have a great time as a custom community! Photos: Avit “Toasty” Chauhan | Words: Ben Wolferstan, Kirk Lyons & Mike Alexander The weather gods played their part, as leading up to the big day the weather in Taupo was not the best, making for a slight venue change at the 11th hour. But with a slight audible and help from family and friends the local event still went off without a hitch. The event has come leaps and bounds from…Continue Reading
Being immersed in the custom automotive industry has its perks, including traveling to events around the globe, seeing the SEMA Show firsthand and being able to work with some of the most amazing people this industry has to offer – one big automotive FAMILY. But what is probably one of the main highlights is documenting truly passionate people and getting to experience the inner workings of their life’s passion – it’s truly inspirational to work with such passionate people on a daily basis. On the way out to yet another event, we were able to do just that and spend a day with Dave Kindig and the crew at Kindig-It Design. Photos & Words: Lindsey Fisher Now, you may know Dave and his custom creations from Velocity Channel’s Bitchin’ Rides television program, but Kindig-It Design was cranking out some of the most magnificent automotive masterpieces long before Dave’s TV celebrity status kicked in. In fact, what…Continue Reading
The year of 2017 in beautiful Southern California has thus far been an excellent one. With the drought-breaking rain storms, the inland empire has experienced even more of the cool breeze and sunshine combo that it’s famous for. Spring is in the air, and the Temecula Valley is sure of two things: pleasantly warmer weather, and the historic Temecula Rod Run. An event many count on to kick off their spring each year, the Rod Run is a staple show for Team Slam’d as it takes place in our own backyard. Photos & Words: Michael Phillips Photos & Words: Michael Phillips The year of 2017 in beautiful Southern California has thus far been an excellent one. With the drought-breaking rain storms, the inland empire has experienced even more of the cool breeze and sunshine combo that it’s famous for. Spring is in the air, and the Temecula Valley is sure of two things:…Continue Reading
From enthusiast to enthusiast, the automotive experience is as unique as the individual. Circumstances surrounding the one’s relationship with hot rods, customs, and other auto genres, vary heavily because the experiences are so personally intimate. For many, the automotive passion takes root early in life, while for others it catches fire later years. A truly unique story is that of someone whose passion for the same vehicle has not waivered for 50 years but, has only grown deeper as time moves along. Donny Johnson, a man who has spent half a century with his 1965 Chevrolet C10 Stepside, has such a story. Originally purchased by Donny’s father, the 1965 Chevy became a member of the family in 1968, when he was just seven years old. The C10 was first rebuilt in 1977, when Donny’s father gave his son a present which all teenagers hope for on their 16th birthday: a set of wheels to…Continue Reading
Boden Autohaus in Costa Mesa, CA is a boutique style aftermarket shop specializing in air suspension builds. Their continued knack for pushing the envelope and rapid growth has positioned Boden as a powerful player in the high-end customs industry. During the 2016 Boden Bash, we caught a few glimpses of one of their most illustrious builds, the RWB Porsche 993 known as #RWBhamachi. Hamachi (which translates in English as Yellowtail) is the flagship build of the RWB 90210 group, located here on the West Coast. Photos & Words: Michael Phillips Each and every RWB project, is a one-off, hand-made kit installed personally installed by Naka himself. The legendary Japanese tuning house has built for itself a name that sits amongst the very top of aftermarket exclusivity. In addition to its iconic RAUH-Welt body, Hamachi features a one-off suspension configuration from Boden. The very capable bagged set up pairs perfectly with the ultra deep…Continue Reading
Driven is a perfectly fitting double entendre to describe Time Attack champ and all around badass, Cody Miles. Cody is a sort of racetrack pioneer, mapping new territories of motorsports by piloting his 2007 Subaru WRX STI to new heights – and LOWS. The JDM superstar however, with its deep rally roots, is no stranger to racing. So what is it that sets Cody’s home-built track weapon apart from most? That would be its lack of static coil suspension. Cody’s love of automotive freedom extends to his pride and joy Subaru STI. That’s right, this iconic AWD track machine is equipped with a fully tuned Air Lift Performance suspension setup. Photos: Mike Alexander | Words: Michael Phillips | Video: David Apodaca Yes, this real-life racecar is airbagged. With a combination of functionally aggressive styling, quality Air Lift Performance goodies, and an exceptionally skillful and dialed driver, the STI makes its way around the track much faster…Continue Reading
Just a few days before SEMA 2016, as I prepared to make the short road trip from Slam’d HQ in Southern California, I made an appointment to have a rock chip in my windshield repaired. I chatted with the tech while he filled the rock chip and thanked him for the peace of mind he was providing for a long drive. After telling him the drive would be to the world famous SEMA Show, his eyes lit up a bit and he began asking quite a few questions. Even those uninterested in our automotive lifestyle have often heard of SEMA Show’s prowess. For anyone who has not yet attended the show in person, it remains somewhat clouded, as if it were an occasion out of mythology or fairytale. However, as I experienced my first ever SEMA Show in person just days ago, I can attest with first hand confidence that it…Continue Reading
“Ruin: to injure (a thing) irretrievably” Ruin and/or ruined exists as a staple of vocabulary within the current climate of automotive enthusiasm and industry. The word, whether it is being used as a verb or adjective, is tossed around quite carelessly, particularly when being used to describe the stylistic choices from outside one’s own genre of interest. However, in this context of cars and customs, “Ruined has transcended literal meaning (like so many buzzwords and key phrases do). Rather than remain bound to its dictionary definition, ruined often serves as a charactuer of the build which it describes. It signifies that the build has reached ultimate levels of a certain stylism. Custom builders and owners alike now quite regularly wear the label as a badge of honor; one that both flies in the face of purists and critics, as well as manifests having achieved a top-shelf level of customization, uniqueness, and…Continue Reading
It’s tax season, and you know what that means: Time to get everything squared away before show season is in full swing. For the month of February, Air Lift Performance dealers will be offering up to 25% off all ALP products. This includes complete performance air suspension kits and even the latest control systems. This tax season deal started 2/1/17 and will run through the end of day 2/28/17. That means there is no better time than now to SLAM all the rides! From bagged BMWs or that killer MK7, to Chevy C10s laid out on Dominators, to smoking R35 GT-R’s and S550 Mustangs. “Show season is almost here, and now is a great time to buy from one of our dealers,” says Devin Pringle, Air Lift Performance’s Marketing Manager. “We know that if you didn’t take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, it was because you were likely holding…Continue Reading
Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the HDX series of instrumentation! This new series now includes applications to fit 1964-65, 1966-67, 1968, 1969 and 1970-72 Chevrolet Chevelle models! The HDX series from Dakota Digital is the latest in aftermarket automotive instrumentation technology. Expanding upon the extremely popular VHX-series, HDX takes personalization and usability to a whole new dimension. Available with your choice of black or silver alloy gauge-face styling, each HDX system allows the user to select their favorite illumination color for the gauge readings and needles, as well as the TFT message center displays. Calibration and personal settings can be manipulated with the built-in, capacitive-touch buttons, or the available Bluetooth app for Apple and Android devices. Each needle hub is spun-aluminum and black nickel plated to match the buttons. With the instrument system dialed in, including calibration of the speedometer and fuel gauge, the system can calculate your remaining…Continue Reading
For its 50th undertaking, the SEMA Show proved to have been bigger and more extensive than ever before. The Automotive Mecca once again over took the city of Las Vegas, bringing together the greatest innovations and automotive powerhouses in the industry. While SEMA is certainly well known for the unfathomable number of top-shelf industry builds, behind each build is a series of manufacturers and builders who have put countless hours into making the rides possible to begin with – utilizing the latest and greatest product innovations across multiple genres. We scoured the vast SEMA show floor to bring you some of the very best products and people in the business, supplying the automotive industry with the parts necessary to turn dreams into reality and stun onlookers, year after year. Innovation fueled by passion is what breaths new life into the automotive industry each and every year. AIR LIFT PERFORMANCE First up is Air…Continue Reading
Max Grundy is a name known far and wide for his one-of-a-kind “post apocalyptic” creations. One of the most talented and unique artists to have brought his own style to the automotive world, we’re quite fortunate to have him as an integral part of Team Slam’d. As the auto-industry has developed over the last century and-a-half, customs having popularized through the decades but automotive/car art is still a relatively new creative endeavor in comparison. We spent a day with the grand-master himself to learn more about what makes him tick: Photos: Mike Alexander | Words: Michael Phillips & Mike Alexander | Video: David Apodaca Max Grundy’s unique body of work draws inspiration from a variety of related and un-related automotive factors. Fascinated by the concepts and implications of propaganda used in the eras of World War, many of Grundy’s designs are visually rooted in golden propaganda era techniques. Similar styles and philosophies of artistic expression were used to…Continue Reading