It’s tax season, and you know what that means: Time to get everything squared away before show season is in full swing. For the month of February, Air Lift Performance dealers will be offering up to 25% off all ALP products. This includes complete performance air suspension kits and even the latest control systems. This tax season deal started 2/1/17 and will run through the end of day 2/28/17. That means there is no better time than now to SLAM all the rides! From bagged BMWs or that killer MK7, to Chevy C10s laid out on Dominators, to smoking R35 GT-R’s and S550 Mustangs. “Show season is almost here, and now is a great time to buy from one of our dealers,” says Devin Pringle, Air Lift Performance’s Marketing Manager. “We know that if you didn’t take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, it was because you were likely holding…Continue Reading
Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the HDX series of instrumentation! This new series now includes applications to fit 1964-65, 1966-67, 1968, 1969 and 1970-72 Chevrolet Chevelle models! The HDX series from Dakota Digital is the latest in aftermarket automotive instrumentation technology. Expanding upon the extremely popular VHX-series, HDX takes personalization and usability to a whole new dimension. Available with your choice of black or silver alloy gauge-face styling, each HDX system allows the user to select their favorite illumination color for the gauge readings and needles, as well as the TFT message center displays. Calibration and personal settings can be manipulated with the built-in, capacitive-touch buttons, or the available Bluetooth app for Apple and Android devices. Each needle hub is spun-aluminum and black nickel plated to match the buttons. With the instrument system dialed in, including calibration of the speedometer and fuel gauge, the system can calculate your remaining…Continue Reading
For its 50th undertaking, the SEMA Show proved to have been bigger and more extensive than ever before. The Automotive Mecca once again over took the city of Las Vegas, bringing together the greatest innovations and automotive powerhouses in the industry. While SEMA is certainly well known for the unfathomable number of top-shelf industry builds, behind each build is a series of manufacturers and builders who have put countless hours into making the rides possible to begin with – utilizing the latest and greatest product innovations across multiple genres. We scoured the vast SEMA show floor to bring you some of the very best products and people in the business, supplying the automotive industry with the parts necessary to turn dreams into reality and stun onlookers, year after year. Innovation fueled by passion is what breaths new life into the automotive industry each and every year. AIR LIFT PERFORMANCE First up is Air…Continue Reading
Max Grundy is a name known far and wide for his one-of-a-kind “post apocalyptic” creations. One of the most talented and unique artists to have brought his own style to the automotive world, we’re quite fortunate to have him as an integral part of Team Slam’d. As the auto-industry has developed over the last century and-a-half, customs having popularized through the decades but automotive/car art is still a relatively new creative endeavor in comparison. We spent a day with the grand-master himself to learn more about what makes him tick: Photos: Mike Alexander | Words: Michael Phillips & Mike Alexander | Video: David Apodaca Max Grundy’s unique body of work draws inspiration from a variety of related and un-related automotive factors. Fascinated by the concepts and implications of propaganda used in the eras of World War, many of Grundy’s designs are visually rooted in golden propaganda era techniques. Similar styles and philosophies of artistic expression were used to…Continue Reading
There is no teacher quite like experience. Nine out of ten lessons learned on-the-job are more helpful than those learned in any formal training exercise or book/test combos. To be sure, education is vastly important, but bleeding knuckles and sleepless nights tend to make the best educators. despite the interconnectedness of the automotive industry as a whole, intensely pronounced differences divide the various segments of the custom world. It’s experience built over years and tears that allows for certain enthusiasts to make seamless transitions between these different segments. For Jason “Jay” Naron, it was this kind of experience which lent itself to his wild success in tackling his first truly Slam’d ride. With a deep regard and creative love for custom trucks, Jay had always chosen to express himself through the creation and customization of Lift’d Trucks (we certainly love a good Lift’d truck). This previous commitment to a particular genre…Continue Reading
Crackling and explosive noises, blistering hot tarmac, fumes of fresh ethanol, and gobs of carbon fiber shaped and contorted into geometric monstrosities; such of which the sum equals Time Attack. Thanks to some of our good friends at Motovicity Distribution, Slam’d Mag was in full media mode at The Speed Ring. The Speed Ring is an innovative automotive event coordinated and presented by joint forces between Motovicity and HKS. The race-centric happening included an open registration Time Attack event with prizes soaring north of $25k. The racing event included several classes to keep competition close and well sorted. The various classes and army of speed machines, spec’d with applicable safety equipment and genre trademarked aerodynamic aids, proudly ran the NASCAR pavement in Fontana, CA. The Auto Club Speedway was setup specifically for the time attack event, essentially cutting a third from the massive oval track and looping it in with a…Continue Reading
For the home of Slam’d Mag headquarters in beautiful Southern California, winter came and went with hardly a hiccup or trace. Summer is all around us and the faint whispers of SEMA 2016 are fluttering their way through the proverbial grapevine. Even with a few months between now and the sanctioned insanity of the SEMA show, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the arrival of the wonderful yet terribly busy week. To keep our mind on the task at hand, we finally decided to outfit our 2014 GMC Sierra aptly named the “Slam’d Hauler” in two phases – PHASE 1 covered here will be: the McGaughy’s adjustable drop, 24-inch Intro Retro wheels, Toyo Tires, and Baer Performance Brakes giving us a much more respectable “tire to fender” ratio and will pave the way for PHASE 2 where we’ll go a bit further toward our end goal for the build – unveiling at this year’s SEMA Show…Continue Reading
Amongst the categorically foundational library of Frank Sinatra’s lyrics, perhaps his most infamous are those penned late in his life. An ode to a lack of regrets and confident boast to having made his own way, makes the classic “I Did It My Way” a song of great personal significance to thousands of individuals. The true message of the song is one that many, if not all of us as automotive enthusiasts identify with. Despite the constant growth, regrowth, and diminish of certain trends in our various genres, every custom build is a personal expression to the core. Custom cars and trucks in the right pair of hands become canvases for creation and soulful expression. Optima batteries stepped up to the plate to document the LA Lowrider scene to share this individuality to the world: Regrets, I’ve had a few; But then again, too few to mention. I did what I had…Continue Reading
The Peninsula Classic Best of the Best Award announced its Finalists and Judges As a follow up to our previously released news about The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, we are excited to be a part of the announcement that The Peninsula Classic series of shows, which the aforementioned Quail is a part of, is now announcing the dramatic conclusion to this iteration of the series. In its milestone move to reinvigorate the tradition of celebrating the international motoring world’s top accolade for most exceptional classic car, The Peninsula Hotels today announced the six extraordinary vehicles that will be eligible to receive the inaugural “Peninsula Classics Best of the Best” Award. The award will bring together the 2015 best of show winners, ranging from early production to mid-1960s Italian race cars, from six of the top concours events around the globe to compete for the title of the most exceptional car in the…Continue Reading
As our first ever cross-over feature from our sister mag – – we figure we’d start off with a bang! With a brilliant crimson flash, accents of smooth chromatic black, hovering low above the ground like a cat set to pounce; there is nothing quite like a woman draped in red to seer the senses. Much was the case with John Boggio’s 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS. This seductive Chevy first caught our eyes while sitting in an inexplicable lonely corner of the Street Machine Nationals in Pomona, CA in 2015. With no owner in sight and no hints to her driver’s identity, we were left to do a bit of stalking and admiration from a distance. It was not until this year’s reiteration of the event that we were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, and we finally caught up with John Boggio about…Continue Reading
With our extreme love for the low, loud, and sometimes quite different, our Slam’d scene tends to devote a good deal of passion towards the misfits of automotive society. We are out there to ensure there are cases of breathtakingly gorgeous sheets of metal stretched wide over expertly modified chassis, doused in gallons of pearlescent paint, all slung just inches above the pavement for your daily viewing pleasure. However, for every nigh-perfect Continental or Coupe De Ville, exists at least two Toyota Tacomas throwing sparks down the freeway in a manner which most people would not be caught dead doing, at which we smile with equally fervent reverence. Despite out unique tastes and “High Class, Lowlifes” monicker, by which we stand firmly, even we prefer the scent of some high class and high livin’ from time to time. The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering In the world realm of automotive enthusiasm, there are…Continue Reading
East Coast Cruise is kind of a big deal for the minitruckin’ community in Australia, so when numbers began to fall due to the fact that we were pushed from the town where ECC had been held for the last decade, a big major play had to be made. A shortlist of potential sites was formed but one venue stood out like a golden ray of sunshine: The Station, 10 minutes out of Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, the go to accommodation for snowboarders during the snow season. Contrary to popular conception, it does in fact snow in Australia! However, due to the land down under’s reversed calendar, November is off-season. This meant The Station venue was more than happy to give East Coast Cruise exclusive use of the resort for the weekend. To paint a picture of the venue, let’s start by pointing out that it…Continue Reading