We say and hear it every single year, but this year was a bit different and it really did just fly by! 2014 was a blur of awesomeness with the official launch of Slam’d Mag and it came and went before we could even catch our breath. For 2014 we wanted to do something special to remember and commemorate all of the amazing rides and people that we were fortunate enough to capture for the inaugural year of Slam’d Magazine. Looking back on our first year, it’s quite amazing to see the plethora of high-quality rides and photos from around the globe that we were able to create and share over the last six months. When we first set out to bring you a digital magazine chock full of all of the baddest rides worldwide, regardless of genre, we certainly had our work cut out for us, but with a well laid plan and a world-class team we exceeded even our own expectations!

The four categories our staff chose for the 2014 End of the Year (EOTY) Slam’d Mag awards were, Truck of the Year, Car of the Year, Rod & Custom of the Year, and Show of the Year. We also had a vote to honor our staff Photographers and chose a Slam’d Photographer of the Year (The Top 14 Photos from 2014 can be seen HERE).

We split this story into the four categories, each one can be seen here:
Truck of the Year Winner | Car of the Year Winner | Rod & Custom of the Year Winner | Show of the Year Winner | Photographer of the Year Winner

So without further ado, here are your finalists and year-end winners for 2014 Show of the Year:

Show of the Year

Mike Alexander Slam’d Mag
Editor-in-chief | Publisher

japanShow of the Year: Camp-N-Drag
Waveland, Indiana

The perfect recipe for a show certainly varies on your mood, current state of your project, and whether you’ll be taking your family along with you. If you’re planning your exhibit, make sure you check out Exhibit Design Company Exhibitus who can help you to plan the perfect display. But at Camp-N-Drag, the rules have been changed. This is a family friendly event, but still a die-hard camping weekend filled with amazing rides from all over the country. This show truly does have it all, and we look forward to providing huge Slam’d coverage for 2015!

Brian GoudeGrinder TV
Slam’d Contributor

Show of the Year: Truck Trends Day Japan
Mt. Fuji, Japan

Although I’ve attended car and truck shows for more than two decades now, I have never been to a show that was 90% minitrucks, let alone 90% awesome minitrucks. Taking our trip to Japan for this show was an unforgettable experience with memories that will last a lifetime, and being a mini trucker at heart, this one stole mine.

Lindsey FisherSlam’d Mag
Slam’d Staff Editor

campShow of the Year: Camp-N-Drag
Waveland, Indiana

It takes enthusiasm to attend a car show dedicated to the lowered scene, but it takes complete devotion to the hobby to camp out all weekend to be a part of one of the coolest shows the US has to offer. For this reason, Camp-N-Drag has my vote for the Show of the Year Award. From minitrucks to laid out hot rods and classics, the annual Camp-N-Drag event offers something for everyone. And who can say no to a weekend full of customs and camping with friends? I mean come on! This may not be your average car show, but it’s about time the car show scene got a bit of a facelift and this event certainly brings with it a whole new excitement and sense of camaraderie that we can’t wait to witness for 2015!

Jason BallardSlam’d Mag
Slam’d Contributor

Show of the Year: The 2014 SEMA Show
Las Vegas, Nevada

SEMAI selected SEMA 2014 as the Show of the Year for 2014 because I mean come on, it’s the biggest show on the planet? And although it’s a “trade only” show and not open to the general public, the Slam’d crew did such a killer job of covering this massive event and showcasing the baddest and latest customs so I actually felt like I was there. I’m guessing 2015 will be another colossal event and Slam’d will be there to showcase it for you LIVE from Vegas!

Josh WilsonSlam’d Mag
Slam’d Contributor

Show of the Year: The 2014 SEMA Show
Las Vegas, Nevada

Having been to SEMA a few times in the past, I had to vote for SEMA simply because of the wide range of builds that are showcased here in one pace. With builds like CA Tuned’s Miss Blue, Elvis Skender’s LS400, and Jeremy Whittle’s 740iL, I just couldn’t say no. Igor and the guys at CA Tuned have built one of the best E30’s out there in my opinion, Elvis’s LS400 is simply stunning and Jeremy always manages to have a perfect blend of sublty and beauty. It was a tough choice but these cars managed to sway my vote for Show of the Year to have such quality from all over the US all in one place.

Frank NewtonBST Clothing
Slam’d Contributor | Official Printer

Show of the Year: Severed Ties Last Call
Las Vegas, Nevada

sowoThis show, in my mind, is exactly what the scene is all about. A great location and an even greater cause makes this show give you the feeling of accomplishment when attending. That along with the pre and afterparties in Vegas definitely makes it one of the highlights of the year!

Nico JarrettNico Jarret Photography
Slam’d Contributor

Show of the Year: Southern Worthersee; SoWo
Helen, Georgia

Choosing a car show for Show of the Year is not at all easy to do. Every show has something you like and choosing just one seems to be an impossible task. But if I had to choose just one it would be the Southern Worthersee show. It’s one show that I have yet to attend but the coverage always leaves me trying my best to plan on being there the next year, and this year was no different! Every year I look at the pics and then immediately start browsing for a project car to buy. This week long event has everything: Cruise, Car Show, Events, and Games and is sure to be a great time for any family, I hope to attend in person for 2015!

Randy JohnsonMini Truck Scene
Slam’d Contributor | Official Designer

Show of the Year: Camp-N-Drag
Waveland, Indiana

ausI missed the first year of Camp-N-Drag but I’ve attended every year since. There is a certain type of atmosphere here that you just don’t find at most shows these days. I run into friends at every show I go to, but more so at this event, and maybe that adds to why I always have a great time at the Waveland campground. The number of vehicles continues to grow, and the quality of trucks that show up is amazing, not to mention, they come from all over the country. If that doesn’t prove why you need to make plans for CND 2015, then you’re missing out!

Steve Berndsen Chance Photos
Slam’d Contributor

Show of the Year: Wrong Turn Cruise Australia
Queensland, Australia

There isn’t anything better than a true homegrown show built by enthusiasts and continuing to grow each year in both popularity by the spectators and respect from the community. I’ve personally attended 3 of the last 5 WTC shows and can assure you it’s my favorite show to hit year after year. Joel, Keri, Jarred Archie, and the rest of the crew are among the coolest people I know when it comes to a vast array of automotive tastes and inspirations. With the perfect sunny Queensland backdrop and a green grassy park full of laid out trucks, I’m in heaven every time I attend. Not to mention photo ops on the beach post-show, definitely one of the coolest backdrops to shoot a feature. All in all a great show to either enter or spectate and full of the most likable Aussies around, plus plenty of cold beers to be had, what more could you ask for? If it’s coffee there is always the coffee cart hire services in Melbourne that could join the show and a bit more pep to your step.

Winner: Camp-N-Drag

Our winner for the 2014 Slam’d Mag Show of the Year goes to the Camp-N-Drag! Very well deserved as this is probably one of the coolest shows out there and the entire Camp N Drag Crew work hard to ensure a drama free weekend of fun. Not to mention the caliber of rides in attendance, makes this a must hit show on everyone’s list!