It’s tax season…and that comes right before show season. For the month of March, Air Lift Performance dealers will be offering up to 20% off all products. This includes all complete performance air suspension kits and control systems such as Air Lift Performance 3H (height + pressure) and 3P (pressure only). If you didn’t take advantage Air Lift Performances’ Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal, now is a great time to start your #lifeonair. This sale is valid in the US and Canada only, and excludes VIAIR compressors and Load Support products. In order to take advantage of this Tax Season Sale, you’ll need to do a few things: Find the kit for your vehicle. If we don’t have one listed, then universal kits are an option. Pair your choice of suspension with a control system. This includes our most basic manual control system, to our advanced 3H (height +…Continue Reading
Upon purchasing his 2004 Chevy Colorado, Dave Tavares faced a predicament that many enthusiasts can sympathize with. The original plan was to keep an all OEM truck as a reliable daily driver. Nevertheless the urge to modify and customize continued to pester Dave. First, the Chevy was lowered. Then, Dave purchased a set of wheels. After just a few months of ownership, Dave gave in to the pressure and decided to commit to a full build. He reached out to Sam Hutchinson, owner-operator of Epic Rod & Custom. Together, the two devised a wicked plan for Dave’s custom Colorado and Orange Krush was born. Words: Michael Phillips | Photos: Christine Elliot & Jager Bron Dave’s Colorado is a proper build, from the ground up as the extensive build process began with a complete teardown. Once Sam had the body separated from the frame, the real fun began. The plan was…Continue Reading
For custom truck enthusiasts around the world, Slamboree marks an epic gathering where badass builds and their owners converge annually to show off their latest and greatest creations. The Slamboree show held in Shawnee Oklahoma is put on with pure passion and it shows throughout. Each year it parks at the The Grand Casino Hotel & Resort in Shawnee, OK and is sponsored and attended by some of the most supportive companies in the industry. Including Phat Phabz, Mad Gear, FLO Airride Mfg., American Racing, Kicker Audio, and more. Photos: Avit “Toasty” Chauhan & Mike Alexander | Words: Michael Phillips Together the community of custom builders and owners gather to celebrate their shared passion. The show boasts representatives from multiple genres but it is best known for its display of notable Slam’d trucks and hot rods. Elite builds from the Midwest and beyond scatter the show rows in a sea…Continue Reading
The Mooneyes Xmas celebrations have been a staple in the So-Cal customs scene for the better part of a century. Each year the iconic genres associated with the West Coast arrive droves at the Irwindale Speedway. The racetrack provides the pavement necessary for the celebration of all things custom. Also included In the venue is an operational 1/8th-mile track to help kick the competition in gear. Racers from around the state do their best to burn rubber down the straights. Those more accustomed to a slower pace set the parking lot on fire with their customs. Words: Michael Phillips | Photos: Trucks, hot-rods, choppers, vans, classics, rat rods, and everything in between line the asphalt aisles. Their various owners and clubs spend the day sharing their common passion. A unique aspect of the Mooneyes show is its knack for uniting multiple generations of builders and enthusiasts. The old and young…Continue Reading
Not even a week has passed since the close of SEMA 2017 and we already have the itch for 2018! Once again #TeamSlamd was blown away by the creativity and energy of the annual SEMA Show. The constant evolution of the custom scene continues to fuel the calculated madness of passionate builders. It’s extremely rewarding to see the huge number of Slam’d trucks, classics, and rods at SEMA each and every year. Equally satisfying is seeing the ever-growing number of late model and new school builds taking on the Slam’d style. SEMA 2017 was larger than 2016, and by all accounts, 2018 will be even bigger! Our industry is at an all-time high and doing its best to capitalize on the increasing enthusiasm from around the world. Photos & Words: Michael Phillips Many friends and family members of #TeamSlamd had a special show at SEMA 2017. Long-time builders became first-time…Continue Reading
Photos & Words: Mike Alexander We are now in deep waters at the 2017 SEMA Show. By day two, much of the initial shock of the show is passing and some of the more subtle elements are rising to the surface. Here at SEMA, one simply has to turn their head a few degrees in any direction to see yet another unique representative of automotive culture. The cars are just as diverse as their owners and builders. Nevertheless, there is a clear distinction that by-in-large, separates them into two categories: old and new. For decades within the auto industry, a tension between old-school and new-school has been present. Each year, the lines become more distinct from one another, yet run closer together. “Old-timers” are beginning to see the value of technologies and styles that the next generation has brought to the table. Likewise, young enthusiasts are seeking out the experience…Continue Reading
Photos & Words: Michael Phillips Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 marks the official beginning of the 51st annual SEMA Show. While some attendees arrive as early as a week in advance, the show begins now. The final adjustments often keep exhibitors awake the night. But the payoff is certainly worth their efforts. Tens of thousands of industry members are here to connect with one another and explore the industry’s newest developments. The sheer size of the SEMA Show can be overwhelming. With thousands of individual booths and vehicles on display, even the most seasoned attendees can be get lost in the automotive sea. Most builds on display at SEMA Show built and finished with excellence. However, the massive size can make room for some less-than-impressive specimens. In the seemingly endless display of machines, details separate the best from the rest. The fine-tuned aspects and often unnoticed details are distinguishing marks. To…Continue Reading
Photos & Words: Michael Phillips The time has arrived! SEMA 2017 has officially begun. And though this annual mecca of enthusiasts marks an early start to the holiday season, for us at #TeamSlamd, it’s Christmas. For decades the hands steering the ship here at Slam’d have spent their Halloween week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. In its 51st year, the SEMA Show remains the single largest automotive event in the world. Builders, buyers, and organizations from around the globe make their way to fabulous Las Vegas to celebrate all things auto. The week consists of a nonstop showcase and networking opportunity for industry members only. Every single person in attendance lives and breathes customs. The Specialty Equipment Market Association was founded in 1963. Since then it has acted as a unifying life-force for the aftermarket industry. SEMA says this about itself, “A love for cars, trucks, and SUVs…Continue Reading
Photos & Words: Michael Phillips   Stancenation is one of the most infamous names in modern car culture. Since 2010, the collective has celebrated some of the most audacious rides on the planet. Citizens of Stancenation are united by their love for an aggressive wheel, tire, and suspension setup. Despite the constantly changing trends, there has been a signular formula to the Stancenation recipe: Form > Function. The worldwide Stancenation shows have become the stuff of legends. Despite their open-ended appreciation of all genres, the show typically draws consistent styles. The vast majority of the participating builds hail from the Land of the Rising Sun. The heavy JDM influence is peppered with modern muscle, euro, exotics, and classics. From each genre, multiple sub-styles are present. Track-inspired, resto-mod, and VIP builds line the show rows. A very important and consistent quality of cleanliness is always present at Stancenation events. This year’s…Continue Reading
Picture this: You are sixteen again, sitting in your last class of the day, praying the bell rings a few minutes early. Within weeks you will be a licensed driver with some bmw insurance, capable of hopping in your own bmw ride and driving to anywhere the road may take you. But for now, you are stuck on the sidewalk with countless classmates waiting on you mom and her minivan. Now, replace that last bit with your dad in his daily driven Porsche 930 Turbo. Still seem like another boring way to end your day? Didn’t think so. This exciting occurrence was an everyday routine for Abraham Cruz back in 2008. Words: Michael Phillips | Photos: Nico Jarrett The Cali native has spent the better part of his life around custom cars, particularly that of the European persuasion. His father’s influence played a key role in inspiring Abe. When his…Continue Reading
It’s fair to say that Mini Truckin’ is now truly embedded in the Australian custom car culture. Celebrating 15 years, East Coast Cruise and its sponsors have been a substantial influence in supporting this subculture from the early days. After hosting at different motels for the first three years, then Merimbula in 2005 ECC landed in Batemans Bay, NSW and settled in for the following 9 years. Although this was a great location for the event problems arising from the lack of support from local authorities eventually forced ECC organizers to look towards greener pastures. Luckily they found The Station Resort, on the outskirts of the lakeside town of Jindabyne, in the Snowy Mountains. ECC had a trial run at The Station in 2015 and was invited back for a second year. This is a big deal for ECC as it’s the ultimate venue for us minitruckers and the show,…Continue Reading
Patience! A word that many fight with throughout their lives but for Neil Huffine it is a way of life. Most of us know what we want but in many cases we will settle for something that will work, but this was not the case for Neil Huffine. His hunt for the perfect 1965 Cadillac Coupe De Ville stretched for more than 13 years. That 13 year search landed not only the ideal Coupe De Ville that he had been looking for, but this perfect speciman turns out was originally purchased way back in 1965 from a small 2 light town in Tennessee where Neil’s family is from. Coincidence? Maybe. Or some might say it was fate. Words: Topher Fierek | Photos: Anthony Ross Tyler What makes a man spend 13 years hunting for the right Caddy to build? After starting off in the custom lifestyle at the impressionable age…Continue Reading